Somy Ali’s Revelations About Abuse By Salman Again Brings Up This Question

The allegations made by Somy Ali against Salman Khan again bring up the question - shouldn't we separate art from the artist and penalise perpetrators for their actions?

Recently Somy Ali posted on her Instagram about Salman Khan and how he had abused her verbally, sexually and physically. This had happened in the 90’s but she still carries the trauma. Aishwarya Rai had also come out publicly in the 2000’s about the physical abuse that she had gone through with him.

Instead of questioning the ‘great star’ Salman Khan, the media and public questioned the victims and indulged in victim blaming. While he is still considered the biggest star of our country and people throng to watch his movies.

The male star always gets away!

The same thing has happened the world over where the male perpetuator gets rehabilitated and excused for their behaviour and crimes (in many instances). The most common defence is that they have families and a profession. Why should they be penalised for what they did in their personal lives? Their character has been maligned, they have apologised, what else do you want them to do? Its time to move on. The great PR machineries of the perpetrators are put into place, and men of course come together to support each other. Bro-code!

But the same leeway is not given to the victims, where they have been shamed in every possible way. Their professional lives destroyed and accused of trying to grab attention by accusing celebrities. They are also accused  of bringing about dishonour to their family, while the perpetuators are free to carry on their lives without a thought of dishonour. And then we wonder why do victims not come out in the open.

My question today should the art be separate from the artist? Should he and others like him be penalised professionally for their personal behaviour? If the artist as a person gets all the accolades for his work and he and his family benefit from his work personally, than isnt he and the family equally responsible for what he does outside of his work?

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