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Deepti Arora

Strong believer in the power of conversations and finding comfort in uncomfortable conversations. Love to encourage both genders to break the chains of patriarchy and come into their own indentity. Also love exploring the space between the physical and the metaphysical.

Voice of Deepti Arora

Somy Ali’s Revelations About Abuse By Salman Again Brings Up This Question

The allegations made by Somy Ali against Salman Khan again bring up the question - shouldn't we separate art from the artist and penalise perpetrators for their actions?

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Talking To Men Or Drinking At Work Get-Togethers Does NOT Mean ‘I Am Available’!

While talking to other women, I realised that this is a common experience with most women across industries. And it does not matter if the woman is married, unmarried, separated, interested, or not interested.

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To Raise Strong Women, Let’s Normalise Daughters Being Unapologetic About Their Needs

While boys are taught to naturally own the space they enter, girls are taught to give up, to accommodate, to adjust since "it is their primary responsibility to keep families and relations together."

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A 57y.o. Clearly Grey Aamir Was Celebrated — Would We Celebrate A 55y.o. Grey Haired Madhuri Similarly?

This article caught my eye yesterday, which celebrates and praises Aamir Khan, aged 57 for embracing his white hair and beard. Wow! How brave of him to not only show up in his greys at an event but also to announce that he is going to take a year off from acting and focus on […]

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The More Attention I Pay, The More I Notice Everyday Patriarchy
The More Attention I Pay, The More I Notice Everyday Patriarchy!

In an attempt to figure out from where does this sense of privilege come or as a society how are we so forgiving to the male species, over the last few months I started observing conversations around me in my everyday life. 

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Dear Women: Do You Have Control Over Your Hard Earned Money?
Dear Women: Do You Have Control Over Your Hard Earned Money?

“I am a post graduate, working and earning well. Yet I do not have a single rupee in my savings, nor the freedom to spend on myself as I want.” Deepa, a 32-year-old, mother of a 3-year child, living in an upscale area in Delhi, working in a MNC recently made this statement to me.

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