Swara Bhaskar Gives It Back To Troll Who ‘Complains’ To Her Father Of Her Sexuality

It take lot of guts to enact masturbating on screen and more of it is needed to face trolls. Recent tweet of actor Swara Bhaskar proved that she has it all. 

It take lot of guts to enact masturbating on screen and more of it is needed to face trolls. Actor Swara Bhaskar’s recent tweet proved that she has no shortage of it. 

Do you think Swara Bhaskar is just capable of portraying unconventional scenes and characters in films? If yes, then you are highly mistaken. She has showed time and again that she is equally daring off screen – to give it back to those who troll her on social media.

Trouble makers often lurk behind female actors. With the advent of social media, its as if their finger tips do more work than their brains. Trolling is all that they do. Many ignore such comments as it’s a waste of time and energy to respond. But Swara Bhaskar is not one of them. Being the daughter of an ex-commodore, she has better learnt to fight back against the attackers.

C. Uday Bhaskar, currently India’s leading expert on security and strategic affairs, and Swara’s father, recently tweeted about the judgement on Section 377. A stranger named Agniveer re-twitted to Uday with a photo of Swara masturbating from the film Veer Di Wedding, questioning about the righteousness of Swara’s deeds.

The tweet’s tonality was that of a complaint, asking the father to be more responsible and watchful of his daughter who has supposedly taken the wrong path. The troll assumed that it was his rightful duty to bring the ‘wrong doing’ of Swara to her father’s notice. Like, seriously?

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Such people have a mindset that is as narrow as the width of a peanut. As Swara mentioned in her witty reply, the troll should have talked to her and not her dad. First, these people need engraving on their heads that adult women need no ‘guardians’ to keep an eye on their actions. They are individual beings capable of taking full responsibility for their deeds.

however, putting this sense into people like this troll, about women and their sexuality, is out of the league. The fact that women also have sexual needs, and that its absolutely fine to express and talk about it, would never get digested in their systems.

Such people are everywhere. We need more and more Swaras to take firm a grounding against them and shout out, so loud that it is their voices that get etched and reverberate in people’s minds.

Watch this video by Women’s Web where we found Swara giving it back in many more cases!

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