5 Ways To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali : Go For A Green Diwali

Here we discuss 5 ways to celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali. This Diwali go green and let the earth breathe.

Here we discuss 5 ways to celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali. This Diwali go green and let the earth breathe.

Diwali is just a few days away. No matter where we are, every place seems to be all light up and a happy feelings purges into our senses. But amidst all the happiness and celebrations do not forget to celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali. For we have only one earth.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate a green Diwali.


As a ritual, we always clean our houses on Diwali. New paint, curtains and a new décor brightens our homes. We replace the old with the new. This Diwali make sure what you do not use anymore, you give out to some one who can actually use it. Usually what we do not use for 2-3 years can go out to someone who might need it. NGOs like Goonj is doing a great job with used items which they send to someone in need. But make sure, you give what can be used. By giving away it is said that you make space for the Universe to bring something new.

Light Diyas

Rather than going for the electric lights, go for Diyas. They are completely natural and can be reused many a times without any side effect. Candles can be only used one time, it also emits toxins that pollutes the air, as candles are petroleum based.

Not to forget nothing looks prettier than Diyas burning in rows, also it helps our local artisan to earn while selling them.

Make Rangolis with Flowers, Flour or Rice Products

Make Rangolis with flowers, or you can use flour and also rice products. Rangolis came into existence not only to beautify our houses but as a way of sharing food with insects and birds. Use products that are bio degradable. Avoid using those colors that are chemically dyed. Instead use coffee powder, turmeric or kumkum.

Go for Eco-Friendly Crackers

There is a pair of 3D glasses that make every light around view like an explosion when worn. The environmentalists call it 3D patakas. They are both pollution and noise free. There is another electric firecracker that produces the sound of bursting crackers, but does not explode. It can be used repeatedly.

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Avoid Plastic Wrappings

Diwali also means giving gifts and sweets. To keep it environment safe, please do not use plastic wrapping. Instead use newspapers or any paper wrapping. Also paper bags are a great idea.

Diwali is definitely one of India’s most loved festivals. Bring in light, love, forgiveness and be kind to the environment. Remember, this earth cannot be replaced with anything. Go green this Diwali. Let the earth breathe. It has been letting you breathe for long. Isn’t it?

Have a bright Diwali!

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