Was Ranbir’s ‘Rub Off Lipstick’ Remark To Wife Alia Really Toxic?!

Does Ranbir Kapoor expressing his preferences about Alia using lipstick really make him a toxic husband?

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POCSO Act Unjust To Boys In Consensual Teen Relationships, Criminalised By Aggrieved Families Of Girls!
Why is the POCSO Act unjust to adolescent boys?

There have been many instances where adolescent boys have been criminalized and accused of rape, sexual harassment by family members of the girl even though it was a consensual physical relationship.

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Why Are We So Unaccepting Of Queerness?

At a recent social "do" I attended, the topic of discussion was: Youngsters today are "experimenting" with their sexual and gender identities!

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A Remarkable Feminist Translation By Meena Kandasamy, Of Thiruvalluvar Classic Tirukkural: The Book Of Desire

Kandasamy liberates the Tirukkural from its patriarchal translations, and firmly establishes the lovers as people who revel in their sexual and sensual attraction towards each other.

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Marriage Isn’t Enough To Define Queer Lives Yet Is An Essential Right We Must Have!

A whole range of basic legal rights are available only inside the institution of marriage in this country, hence the right to marriage should be available to everyone.

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OK Tested Episode On Sex & Sexuality With Dr Cuterus Blew Me Away!
OK Tested

Talking of sex and sexuality is still taboo in our country; why talk shows like OK Tested dealing openly with this (along with many other things) are essential.

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