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Narayani Manapadam

I am a boring IT professional, lost in the monotonous world of Excel. So, I seek refuge in Word, pun intended. And.. I am a crazy cat person, a badge I proudly flaunt.

Voice of Narayani Manapadam

Now All That Remained Were The Purple Patches On Her Body

"It was an accident. Of that I’m sure. But some people are hell bent on creating mischief. And Deepika hands it to them on a platter.”

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When My Appa Supported Our Joint Decision Not To Have A Child

I had been raised by feminist parents, and more so, a father, who had been 'bashed' by the 'well-wishers' for giving much 'freedom' to his daughter. He bears the brunt of it even now.

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Girl reading
Eustacia Vye Writes: What Would Hardy’s Heroine Say To Us Modern Women?

What if you find a letter addressed to you, folded within the pages of a treasured novel? From one of the protagonists, too! How would that make you feel? 

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No, Let Me Finish, Baba. You’ve Spoken A Lot; It’s My Turn To Speak Now

“And then, you glided into my life. You know? I had always admired your guts, and wondered why I couldn’t muster up the courage to take initiatives.” The Muse of the Month is a monthly writing contest organised by Women’s Web, bringing you original fiction inspired by women.  Narayani Manapadam is one of the winners for the […]

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And Now We Share An ‘Adult’ Relationship!

I cupped Abir’s face in my hands and kissed him. He didn’t respond. I recoiled in shame. His look would haunt me forever. If there was a word for sympathy mixed with scorn, that was it! I felt my world crashing down that day.

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I’ll Be In The Bed I Have Chosen; Not Where I Was Forced To Lie

But he loved and respected me. He made me feel intelligent. Mohan had even refused to discuss what was wrong with him. These were apparently matters beyond the comprehension of a woman, he had felt.

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Rani Jindan
Why We Need More Stories Like That Of Rani Jindan, Punjab’s Last Queen

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's Rani Jindan, the Last Queen of Punjab, is a flawed, real woman, who does not hesitate to do what she must.

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We All Know Those Entitled Relatives Who Criticise Almost Anything Coz ‘Groom’s Side’!

Parents who toil away to ensure that the wedding goes off without a glitch, are shamed indirectly for bringing a girl into this world – who cares for their state of minds?

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You Fear Women Like Us Who Voice Our Opinions And Aren’t Afraid Of Owning Our Sexuality

Not to be outdone, the journalist continued. “You have mentioned it’s an erotic genre. And then an ex-lover. Don’t you think your female protagonist is behaving like a whore?”

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Dear ‘Well Wishers’ In The Family, Stop Interfering Under The Pretence That You Care

My parents and I have received a lot of 'friendly advice' from interfering family members under the guise of being my 'well wishers'. Just. Keep. Away.

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Reading The Epics As An Adult, I Wonder, What About The Women?

Though I have always been a fan of mythology, I often wondered if the plight of women has changed since then. And I ask, what about her?

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Lipstick Under My Burkha – Not A Review

The four characters belong to the same locality. Each having their own issues. Each thinking the other is having a fun-filled life. Until they decide to cross the boundaries set by the society.

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For Her, Laughter Could Be Got Only At The Steep Price Of Submitting To Her Husband

A few thrusts and grunts later, he rolled off her and drifted off to sleep. Laila adjusted her negligee and started counting imaginary stars in her ceiling.

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I Am Shikhandi, The Queer Warrior Who Found A Purpose

There is an inexplicable void inside me. I feel like a pawn of the universe. But I guess I am. My entire life has been an indication of that.

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I Am Draupadi; I Created My Own Shade Of Sapphire

Despite having five husbands, a sense of emptiness overwhelms me. And out of sheer fury, frustration and helplessness, I speak.

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And The Night Was Fragrant With The Sweet Smell Of Liberty

She is a harbinger of ill luck, they scorned, as Anadi Babu’s dead body was brought in from the police station. A hit-and-run case.

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
If Only I Could Tweak That Very Disappointing Movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

My dear Anjali… you are better off marrying Aman. That is, if you love him. Else just live your life, lady. Slip into those pants. Tie that bandana around your unruly hair. But please, say a resounding no to Rahul.

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I Am Ahalya, And In A Parallel Universe, This Would Be My Choice

I supress the anger rising inside me. An outburst of my fury would mean I am culpable. And I refuse to take the blame on my shoulders.

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There Will Never Be The Silence Of This Lamb

I take his hand in mine and rub the back of his palm with my thumb, a gesture he has always enjoyed. Not today. Because he recoils.

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This Letter To My 20-Year Old Self Comes From A Place Of Being Myself

It’s not your duty to please everyone. You don't have to be the perfect woman. What would you tell your 20-year old self?

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Rajmata Kunti’s Price Of Secrecy

She knew her deeds would come home to roost. But she was a mere mortal. And when tragedy struck a blow deadlier than a lightning, a numbness had engulfed her.

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Why Princess Uttara Was More Than Just Abhimanyu’s Widow

Though always smiling and jolly, princess Uttara was unaware of her own will power. All it needed a tragedy of a monstrous magnitude to unravel it. 

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