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Why The Women’s Movement In Iran Could Lead To A Real Change Unlike Similar Ones Elsewhere

Although women have been trying to oppose the hijab for years, there hasn’t been such open demonstration before. In fact, this protest didn’t erupt all of a sudden, it’s an accumulation of the atrocities inflicted in the past, continuing till the present.

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‘So What? Since You Can’t Give Me What I Want, I Go Outside To Get It’ He Said!

He never forced her again. She began feeling that things were getting better, until she got to know about something she'd never imagined- her husband had extra marital affairs.

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celebrity obsession- kabir singh
Celebrity Obsession: Can We Ever Get Rid Of It?

What happens when people have a celebrity obsession? They forget what's around them and get entangled in their personal lives!

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Feminism Is For Everyone

It's high time we address the fact that men need feminism as much as women do, if not more. Because, men too are victims of patriarchy.

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How To Be Yourself

We regularly hear the phrase "be yourself", but being yourself is easier said than done. So, how do we be ourself?

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