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If You, Like Me, Found GST A Bit Complex, This Is Where You Can Find Help

GST for the Layman is an empowering read in a society that does not encourage women to be financially aware and keeps them out of financial decisions.

GST for the Layman is an empowering read in a society that does not encourage women to be financially aware and keeps them out of financial decisions.

I never thought some day I would be reading and reviewing a book on the subject of GST. I surprised myself when I felt immersed in the book because I am not into non-fiction, more so into something as ‘dry’ as finance as per my own perception.

But I am not exaggerating when I say that author Apeksha Solanki has come up with a gem and has proved that even taxes can make for an interesting and enriching read. She is a qualified chartered accountant, and has a rich experience of working in the fields of both direct and indirect taxes. She makes use of her knowledge and writing prowess to make life easy for people for whom GST still remains a mystery even after almost 4 years of its introduction.

GST for the Laymen – the book we all need

In some or the other way, GST is a part of all our lives which makes GST for the Layman published by Bloomsbury India is a must-read for all of us.

I admit that for the longest time, I felt decoding GST was like grasping at straws. Not just as an entrepreneur but even as a buyer, it’s been a struggle to understand it for what it is. Add to this confusion all the buzz around it and the concept of GST becomes even more intimidating.

And this is where this book wins because of the way the author has explained every aspect of GST with utmost sincerity, simplicity and clarity. The presentation is creative where she uses the format of interactions which hooks the reader and keeps the interest alive throughout.

Lucid, easy to understand

For someone like me who gets lost in the midst of too many technicalities and jargons, this style of writing works quite well. There is an instant connection from the word go because it feels as if a friend is talking to me about it all rather than an expert bombarding me with loads of information.

The author breaks down the complex subject matter into easy to comprehend and coherent sentences. The book is comprehensive as it covers all and sundry, and is succinct as it keeps the detailing limited to how much is necessary and sufficient.

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A book for anyone who would like to learn

GST for the LaymanStructured in a lucid manner, the book is divided into two parts. The first focuses on understanding the basics and the second brings to light how GST impacts different industries and day-to-day life situations. Whether you are a salaried employee or own a business, whether you run the household or shop online, whether you are a student or a consumer – this book has something for each one!

I would like to mention that I loved the idea of having a section at the end about how the Government is engaging with people. Apart from the fact that it gives you an idea about where one can find relevant information from the Government, it is also assuring and allays concerns.

GST for the Layman, in an empowering way

I also believe that this book is, in a way, empowering for women. In our society, women are often not encouraged to be financially aware and are kept out of the economic and financial discussions and decisions. At times, due to the conditioning or lack of time and interest, even we become lackadaisical when it comes to managing finances.

Today, there is a rise in the number of women entrepreneurs and I have known personally that GST has been a challenging area for many. This book will help in reducing the dependence on someone else when it comes to taxation as it helps understand the process of filing taxes and gives a lot more valuable insights.

All in all, I think GST for the Layman is a unique, informative, engaging and important read. The book is definitely for keeps!

Want a copy of GST for the Layman?

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