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sexual harassment
sir is love enough is sexual harassment
SIR, Is Love Enough: Sexual Harassment At Work Packaged As A ‘Sweet Love Story’?

By glorifying the sexual harassment the female protagonist faces in the film Sir, Is Love Enough, we've made life more unsafe for domestic workers. Just note the power differential. 

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We Had Barely Got Acquainted When The Fellow Started Acting Fresh With Me…

Perhaps he had expected I would jump into bed with him. Who knows? Unable to evoke any response from me he gave it up, saying that I was so inhibited; I was good for nothing!

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9 Points We Should Make A Note Of From The MJ Akbar Priya Ramani Final Arguments In Court
MJ Akbar Priya Ramani

Some crucial points were made by senior journalist Priya Ramani's lawyer Rebecca John last week, in the ongoing defamation suit by MJ Akbar.

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The ‘Bro Code’ That Makes A Man Respect A Woman Because ‘She Taken’, Not For Her Own Self!

It's crazy how men have a bro code where they will not hit on any girl seen "taken" but won't respect a woman's autonomy unless she really gives it back!

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Isn’t That Against Indian Culture? Now That There’s Nothing Between Us, Why All This Drama?

Now how would I feel if my girlfriend lands more roles than me, wins awards every now and then, and to top it all, works with my rivals and agrees to do intimate scenes with them? Wouldn’t I become a laughing stock?

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But If He Didn’t Touch You Or Say Anything Inappropriate, How Is It Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment may not always be an inappropriate touch or comment. Some times, it is something seemingly mundane as phone calls too!

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