Delivery Person Allegedly Molests Chennai Woman Techie: 3 Things You Can Do To Stay Safe

A delivery man is simply a total stranger, and how does anyone know if he is reliable or safe? It's better to take precautions.

One click is all needed to order anything online. During the pandemic (thanks to COVID) basic essentials such as groceries and vegetables reached many homes through online orders. This continued even after people were allowed to travel to the markets because it made life easier. No wasting time walking out, carrying heavy goods.

All things needed just reached the doorstep. While online shopping turned into a boon for many women, it also had dangers hidden inside.

Molested by a delivery person

I read this in the news a couple of days ago. Allegedly, a woman working in an IT firm, living in Chennai, was molested by a delivery person of an online grocery store.

The woman had ordered groceries to be delivered through one of the leading online grocery marts with branches all over India. In the scheduled time slot, the person came to deliver the products. As she was busy with work, she told him to keep the things on a chair in the living room.

The woman alleges that he noticed that she was all alone and took advantage of the situation, came closer and touched her shoulders. She panicked and screamed at him to leave immediately, but instead of leaving her, he kept asking for her phone number. She warned him that there were CCTC cameras outside the house and that she would call the police. Her screaming attracted the attention of the neighbours, after which they saw him fleeing from the house.

The woman contacted customer care of the online company and informed them of the incident. They assured her that he would be fired from his job, but even after speaking with five levels of senior executives, the delivery person’s details were not disclosed. Finally, in desperation, she took the incident to her Twitter page.

Within 6 hours, the police intervened and arrested the accused filing him under the harassment act.

Prevention is better than a cure – can such incidents be avoided?

When a delivery person comes home to deliver any goods, the mindset of people is that they come from a trusted company and believe them. The belief that one keeps on the company from where they order, is vested on the delivery person as well.

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The point to be noted here is that he is just a common man and is a total stranger who cannot be relied on. Women who are alone become an easy target for such incidents which have to be stopped.

What can we do to be safe?

Safety chain/ grill door/ other ways to keep control on the door

– When the delivery person rings the bell, stay indoors and ask him to leave the bag outside the door. Close the door immediately. If there is a grill gate, better not to open it. If there is only a door, open it a little and ensure the full control of the door is only with you. After a while, ensuring he has left, the bag can be picked up.

Basket/ bucket for him to deposit goods

– If the person requests a bag to place the goods, then keep a basket/bucket already outside the door knowing the time he would be arriving. This saves time and after he leaves, the basket can be brought in

Pay online or keep exact cash ready to pay on delivery

– It is best to pay the order online while placing the order itself. This will ensure there isn’t any conversation time between the woman and the delivery person. If by chance, paying by cash, then giving in the exact amount will help lessen the time of interaction.

Only a fraction of a second is needed for such incidents to take place. But after it has happened the mental trauma stays with the woman for years. The culprit would eventually be punished but it cannot erase the agony endured by women.

Let us find ways to protect ourselves and never forget to stay strong. Let us vow to rise if ever there is an incident. Let that create fear so that such a situation should never arise again.

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