Honour Killing In Thanjavur, Yet Another Victim?!

Honour killing - this is a cancer of society still leading to the death of young people who are denied their right to live their life their way.

Trigger Warning: This deals with graphic description of murder and may be triggering.

Recently, a 19-year-old girl was killed by her parents in south Tamil Nadu.

There could be only one reason. Honour Killing!

A tragic case!

The victim, Ishwarya, had married a co-worker at her place of employment, a guy from a lower caste. The couple had eloped after marriage.

The girl’s parents played the usual trick to keep the law on their side. They had registered a missing person complaint with the police. With immediate action taken, the girl was traced. She was brought back to her village.

At this point, the Inspector had sent away the girl with her parents. Later he was suspended for negligence in the investigation because it was not a missing person angle alone. There was a deeper conspiracy woven.

That night her parents tortured the poor girl and she succumbed to the injuries. To hide this fact, the parents along with their relative’s help, hung her from the ceiling to make it look like a suicide attempt. Also to destroy evidence against them they had cremated her body very soon.

Her husband felt suspicious hearing the death news of his newlywed wife and filed a complaint against her parents. The investigation is on.

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This is not the first nor is it going to be the last death of a woman under the name of honour killing.

Also, it is not that women are not aware of such incidents that happen around them. Incidents like these take up major space in social media and are circulated quite fast and to each nook and corner of the country.

Still, they happen, why?

Because women believe in their parents, if they come to get them back home. “If I did something like this, my parents would never behave this way. They are not cruel and violent. They will be angry with me, but eventually understand me and finally support me one fine day.”

So parents, if you belong to this category then please let your daughter know that a ferocious lion is sleeping inside you and warn her it might wake up and turn murderous if ever she tries to do something like this. At the least, it might save a life.

The hope to win over society. Love is not just a four-letter word. It is the trust in which she is bonded to him. She feels she can fight anyone against her wish be it even her parents. Whether love is blind or not, it does not inquire about the caste first. As there are always unwritten rules in love, maybe this should be considered as a written official rule before getting committed to the relationship.

It is not her fight alone

Men, please understand she holds this battle for you, and do remember to have your stand beside her, whatever obstacle or struggle comes your way. It is not easy for her to fight her parents with whom she had spent her life all these long years before she became yours.

The law in our country is quite strong and there are special women-centric teams in the police force. This needs to be utilized as the safety of women must always be considered the priority. When there is danger in any way, women need to ensure they reach out for help in the law. Guidance from the police can help them make their decisions better – though in many cases the police have sided with the perpetrators.

When will all this end?

Image source: by klebercordeiro from Getty Images Free for Canva Pro

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