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Honour Killing In Thanjavur, Yet Another Victim?!

Honour killing - this is a cancer of society still leading to the death of young people who are denied their right to live their life their way.

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Choosing Her Own Man? A Crime Her Parents Beat Her For

Is choosing your own partner such a big crime? I was shocked to hear this story of daughters being beaten up by parents.

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The Case Of Nagaraju & Syeda Ashrin Sulthana: Why Do Families Resort To Honour Killings?

In a patriarchal society, the purity of caste, class and religion is rigidly maintained by controlling the sexual agency of women, even 'punishable' by murder: honour killing.

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Appeal By Qandeel Baloch’s Parents To Spare Their (Accused) Sons Is Clearly What’s Wrong In Society
Qandeel Baloch's parents

The Qandeel Baloch 'honour killing' had shocked the subcontinent - her parents recently appealed to the court to spare their sons accused of murdering her under the earlier 'pardon' law.

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You Acted For Your ‘Honour’, But I’m Going To Haunt You To The End!

“You were ruining our family reputation. Living in with a man, without getting married. Oh, and the clothes you were wearing when we met that day in the city, so tight, so short.

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With All The Brutal Honor Killings, Can People Stop Or Scare Other Lovers?

The news of two honour killings in Telangana scares young lover Kavitha. Will these brutal acts by parents stop young people in their quest for freedom? 

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