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In 2019, Let’s Do Our Bit By Donating To These 7 Feminist NGOs

In 2019, let us resolve to lend a helping hand to these worthy feminist NGOs that work for women's rights, and be each of us instrumental in making a real difference.

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Alok Nath Gets Bail…Cos A Rape Victim Has To Record It All To Be Believed

What message did our justice system send victims of sexual violence, with its victim shaming remarks while giving anticipatory bail to Alok Nath?

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Ravindranath Ghosh
Casting Director Ravindranath Ghosh Gets Life For Sexually Harassing Acting Aspirant For Years

Sexual exploitation of women in the entertainment industry is unbridled but as the times are changing, many victims of sexual exploitation come out to get justice, as this shows.

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Sonu Nigam, We’re Happy To Keep ‘Vomiting’ If That Will Shut You Up

Sonu Nigam, I think it’s time you look at where your feet are set: whether on the side of the survivors and those who fight against abuse, or on the territory of powerful men who thrive on the pleasure of sexually assaulting women.

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discrimination against women in church
It’s Time To Remember These 5 Christian Heroines Working For Positive Change

Women have always struggled to reach positions of power within every organised religion. Here are 5 Christian women who have been working hard to end discrimination against women in church.

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4 Jaw-Dropping Judgements Of 2018 That Will Pave The Way For Equality

The year 2018 has seen many historic judgments and decisions that will pave the way for equality in Indian society. As we near the end of the year, here's a look at these historic decisions.

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Sana Suman’s New Petition: Transgender People Have A Right To Education

Something as simple as enrolling in college is incredibly hard for transgender people. How do we expect them to earn their livelihoods when we deny them education?

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violence in birth families
The Hidden Domestic Violence – By Fathers And Brothers, That We Need To Speak Of

Women's birth families are no different from marital families when it comes to being violent towards its women - violence by fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers... is common enough!

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Indian decor bloggers
This Holiday Season, Let These 10 Indian Decor Bloggers Inspire Your Home Makeover

Want to make your home a beautiful place that feels comfortable and welcoming? Here's help. Check out these Indian decor bloggers, who could give you some great ideas to play with.

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When Women ‘Belong’ To Salman Khan, Is The Industry Afraid To Speak Up?

Rumours abound that Arjun Kapoor's family was afraid of the 'wrath of Salman Khan' due to his dating Malaika Arora. Here's a look into Khan's troubling past when it comes to women. 

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mass movements led by women
14 Mass Movements Led By Women In India That Made A Difference To Women’s Lives

Mass movements led by women have focused more on positive change in women's lives, and give space for women's voices to be heard. Here's a list of 14 such movements in India.

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help for domestic violence victims
Organisations In 7 Indian Metros You Can Reach Out To In Case Of Domestic Violence

A woman facing violence at home in 7 Indian metros can reach out to these organizations working to provide immediate and long term help for domestic violence victims.

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With All The Brutal Honor Killings, Can People Stop Or Scare Other Lovers?

The news of two honour killings in Telangana scares young lover Kavitha. Will these brutal acts by parents stop young people in their quest for freedom? 

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Questions That Piss Off An Asexual Woman: Ask At Your Peril!

If you don't understand asexuality, keep away from the temptation to ask nosy questions that might be intrusive, says this asexual woman.

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prejudice in ourselves
If I Were That Person: Recognising Prejudice In Ourselves

Prejudice in ourselves exists too, apart from the world around Can we be bold enough to shed our prejudices, to welcome the world and its people?

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