This Holiday Season, Let These 10 Indian Decor Bloggers Inspire Your Home Makeover

Want to make your home a beautiful place that feels comfortable and welcoming? Here's help. Check out these Indian decor bloggers, who could give you some great ideas to play with.

Want to make your home a beautiful place that feels comfortable and welcoming? Here’s help. Check out these Indian decor bloggers, who could give you some great ideas to play with.

Home is certainly about those who live there, but a beautiful and comfortable home in terms of decor that matches your sensibilities is most people’s dream.

Some of us might have visited homes that would be as clean as a museum, or as messy as a bunch of kids left with paint tubs. Unmonitored. Some homes are so boring that we won’t find anything that’s noticeable, and some homes are filled with everything that shouts ‘see me’, but as a whole it doesn’t just make sense.

If you are reading this and your home doesn’t fall under any of these four categories, you are probably living in a home that’s a mixture of a combination of the categories above.

Everyone wants to make their home beautiful but many people do not have an idea about how they want to do it. Well… No worries! We’ve got you covered!

We have created a list of décor bloggers who with their creativity as their weapon, and with tons of ideas for us to choose from, will change your house for good! (The only thing that’s going to die here: the non-existing/ pre-existing décor of our homes).

Here is the lineup of the 10 décor bloggers in no particular order:

Rukmini Ray Kadam


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Rukmini, who lives in a tiny rental apartment in Mumbai runs this multiple award winning blog – Trumatter. She blogs about decorating homes to give them a breezy, airy feel.

For those of us who aren’t into bright colours, this blogger is all you need to follow to make up your homes with lovely shades of whites and neutral colours that open up the spaces, as well as add the cozy edge that we’ve been longing for. The best part is, everything in this blog isn’t dramatic: it is very doable, pleasing to the eyes as a matter of fact.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Disha Mishra Dubey

Design, Decor, and Disha

When we visit Disha’s blog and social media, we’d want to jump right into the eye-catching and welcoming decors that she shares with us. This stay at home mom’s awakened dormant talent and passion for design, art and decor would inspire us to finally update the design of our homes in a way that we always wanted.

Don’t have any idea which brands to explore? Disha’s product and brand review will help you out for sure. The DIY projects that she has carefully showcased might as well awaken our dormant talents up to turn us into decor wizard.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Bhavna Bhatnagar

An Indian summer

Bhavna started An Indian Summer leaving her successful corporate career behind. Her blogs on interior, design, lifestyle and everything that we need in order to make our home, feel like home visually appealing. From intricate designs to simple designs that serves to our appeal, derived from her artistic ideas and love for travel, brings everything that we need to make our home scream the perfect Indian home. Her blogging isn’t exclusive to Indian style and has aesthetic designs and interior design ideas inspired from other countries like Italy, Iran as well.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Sruthi Singh

The East Coast Desi


Sruthi’s blog, The East Coast Desi features home decorating expertise influenced by the rich ideas from India and from abroad.

This mom, financial advisor, photographer, painter and a designer believes that her home is a product of their family’s combined personalities, displaying everything from what was passed on from a different generation to the souvenirs from their travel. Colors, patterns and design her blog which will regularly feed us with the regular doses of those in true desi style.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

AA Living

Rohina Anand

Rohina is the owner and the head designer of the blog AA Living, which stands up to her vision of merging creativity and quality as a single entity to make it easily available to those of us who ache for the imaginative home.

Her blog focuses on how one can make their dream home to DIY projects that will add an edge to their home. She has bagged an award in 2016 for the best Instagram of the year by Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards. Apart from the blog, for those who have been inspired to try out one of her many interesting ideas, the website allows you to buy products to decorate their homes.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Esha Gupta

Design Pataki

Design Pataki was launched by Esha, who has studied Interior design in New York and in Mumbai and has 5 years of experience as a Managing Director for a furnishing company. In her blog, we can find everything that would satisfy our thirst for designing our home, including exclusive interviews from artists, designers, and numerous inspirations serving to the our luxurious design needs.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Supriti Chauhan

Hooked On Homes

Supriti’s interest in DIY and crafts gave soul to her creation Hooked On Homes, where we can get to see a stream of DIY ideas for our homes. Her knack for organization is visible on the landing page of her website where we’ll find home décor inspiration and ideas neatly organized, free from all the clutter and chaos. Her blog and instagram is definitely a boon for all the DIY lovers out there who like to put their DIY skills to perfect their dream home giving it the lovely décor it deserves, for it many realistic design ideas that would not put a big hole in our pockets.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Sanghamitra Bhattacharjee

Rainbow – The Colours Of India

Sanghamitra’s is an economist and at heart, an artist with a never ending love for travel. Her blog, Rainbow – The Colours Of India has dramatic designs adorned with a bold colour palette, designs that are refreshing to look at and are sure to kick our colour hungry soul into the world of exuberant and vibrant colours of Indo-Asian inspiration.

Find her here on Facebook.

Lakshmi Nagarajan

Dress Your Home

Lakshmi, the creator of Dress Your Home that is buzzing with activities, started her career as a coder. Dress your home offers valuable ideas on cleaning, organizing, house tours that ticks our brain to decorate our home into a welcoming one, along with ideas on interiors and DIY projects. The objective of the blog is to give the readers stress free ideas on making their home more inviting and one that shows their personality, as well as to create a feel-good home that everyone would long to come back to after staying away from it for work or a short trip away from home.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

Rajee Sood

Home Arts Accents

Rajee Sood, with her Home Art Accents, is a well known name among the décor blogging community. She is an interior designer, photographer, and gardening enthusiast with a liking for traveling, and not to mention, a home-maker with a talent for creative work. Her personal style statement being – things do not have to be matched but learn to co-ordinate – is vividly shown on her blog where design enthusiasts and readers can take a dive into her array of colours and creations.

Find her here on Facebook and Instagram.

So are you re-decorating your home this holiday season?

Header image: Instagram

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