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My Mom Lost Her Maayka After Her Parents Passed Away; Would I Too Once Married?

The new daughters-in-law didn't like us, many felt that my uncles and aunts had preferred us over their own grandchildren, and my mom decided that we shouldn't trouble them.

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What Is The Real Problem With The Great Indian Family?

Our family may well be one of our most important communities. A look at what makes Indian families tick, today on the International Day of the Family. 

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My Ancestors Lived The Lives Shown In Enjoy Enjaami, Getting Us Where We Are Now
Enjoy Enjaami

Enjoy Enjaami brought up personal memories of Oppari and other songs, their lyrics were always about the labour of the person, how they toiled to live a dignified life and celebrating their identities.

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Dear ‘Well Wishers’ In The Family, Stop Interfering Under The Pretence That You Care

My parents and I have received a lot of 'friendly advice' from interfering family members under the guise of being my 'well wishers'. Just. Keep. Away.

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Debating ‘Who Does The Baby Look Like?’ And Other Shenanigans That Extended Family Can Get Up To

When extended family gets together (maybe now post COVID), there are some curious quirks that get amplified. A sweet and sour compilation.

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29 Family Friendly Movies To Pick From And Enjoy Your Movie Time Together At Home
family friendly movies

Lockdown weekends are movie weekends, and you want to watch some family friendly movies together. Here's a handy list for you!

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