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Who Will Marry Their Daughter In A Family Where Even The MIL Works!

"Don’t feel bad beta, but who’d marry their daughter into a house where the mother in law is a working lady? I say this because I care for you...”

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Under The Shiny ‘Progressive’ Cover, Patriarchy Still Remains The Same

With its shiny new cover, patriarchy still lingers in the society. It just comes in the garb of 'progressiveness,' and makes you wonder if all your efforts were in vain.

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And That, Was The Secret Behind My Granny’s Reading Aloud…

Granny would read to me stories from an old leather bound book. She never let me touch the volume. It was hers, off limits and only she could read from it.

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That Powerful Feeling Of Coming Home – From The Diary Of An Immigrant Mom

Home. Just the mere word is enough to give you all the warm and happy feelings. Here's an author describing exactly what the feeling called homecoming is!

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The Curious Case Of A Flexible ‘Family Culture’ That Appeared To Adapt To My MIL’s Wishes!

To wear a saree or western clothes? What should a sanskaari bahu do? A hilarious account of a mother in law's fluctuating opinions.

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‘Mitti Ki Khushboo’ – How Can We Forget The Fragrance Of Home Even When In A Foreign Land?

Saumya Srivastava writes a heartfelt ode to the power of family ties, and how her little one learnt from her parents to be connected to those we love.

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