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Here’s All You Must Know About Gift Tax & Tax On Donations, That Includes Gifts From A Spouse!

The festive season calls for the joy of giving. Do you understand the tax implications of donations and gift tax, whether you earn or not?

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A Truly Touching Expression Of A Sister’s Love For A Brother With Autism!

Mostly Normal is a book of innocence, longing, filial love, angst and acceptance, encapsulating a gamut of human emotions within its lightweight edifice. The book touches the human heart and will stay with you.

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My MIL And I Don’t Get Along And My Husband Blames Me For This — What To Do?

My MIL has always bullied me. After my FIL’s demise, naturally her trips to our place have increased. I understand her need to get emotional support from her son. But I am not able to adjust.

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Amma And Me… Ours Was A Bond Of Love Made Special By Its Mundane Details

There were no secrets between my mother and me. After coming home from school, an hour was reserved for the two of us. It was our time.

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My Very Traditional MIL Supported Me Even Though A Whole World Away… I Miss Her!

It is essential to put out our stories where women are not pitted against each other; instead, they hold each other up and celebrate each other. Here is mine.

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My Parents Never Loved Me For Myself And Now They Want To Marry Me Off?!

Neglected and bullied in childhood, and now being pressurised to get married as a grown woman, the pain of it all can become too much to take.

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