I’ve Come Across These 11 Kinds Of Husbands: What Type Is Yours?

Kinds of husbands? Though each person is unique, people can be categorized into a few distinct types. Husbands too.

Kinds of husbands? Though each person is unique, people can be categorized into a few distinct types. Husbands too.

It’s funny how humans are similar to one another in a lot of ways. I come across different types of women and men in my life. While some of them cross paths accidentally, others are destined to be with me.

There are a lot of stories that we exchange with each other ranging from emotional, fiction, non fiction, life, news, kids and gossip. I don’t mind confessing that more than the MIL tales, hubby tales are enticing and juicy! This piece is one from my observation kitty wherein I have tried to categorize different kinds of husbands based on my knowledge, understanding and dealing of and with different kinds of married men.

Trophy Wife Type

Some husbands are meant to flaunt their wives like a trophy. They hardly care about the emotions of their wives but yes, when it comes to bragging about them in public, they are the masters of the game. Such wives suffer emotionally as they are made to believe that their personal self esteem is nothing but a piece of tissue paper and that their value is because they are good looking, and might have a rich and famous husband. Duhh!

Manipulative Type

Such husbands wear a mask and keep their wives in the dark most of the times. They care a hoot about their wives’ emotional well being but on the face of it, they behave like Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes. They are manipulative to the core and their wives hardly ever get to know the truth about their depth of character. Gosh!

Caring Type

These husbands are genuinely concerned about their wives and do everything in their capacity to satiate their wives’ demands. Sometimes these men stoop much below their own self esteem only to bring that million dollar smile on their wives’ faces. They share all the responsibilities for the love of their wives. However, many a times, such genuine men get hitched with arrogant women and end up suffering the most in a relationship. I have many personal examples to quotes. Sad!

Over possessive Type

They are highly insecure about their wives and believe that their wife is meant to be for them and only them. They are forever in a dilemma about her, sometimes overstepping the limits to even judge her character. They are the spy masters who are curious to know about the people involved in the life of their wives and are always in the detective mode snitching on their phones and eves dropping to find that one clue to nab her red-handed. Grrrr!

Sex Maniac Type

All that these husbands want from their wives is sex! Yes, they are forever ready to roll under the sheets with their wives without giving a single thought about their wife’s emotions or their families’ sentiments. Odd or even, working day or holiday, all that they need is sex and more sex to stay alive! Huh.

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Homely Type

These husbands are attached to their homes and family and will do everything to secure the happiness and the well being of their families. They don’t splurge on themselves nor are extravagant in spending on their social circles. They rather like put every penny to use on their homes and families. They are sweet, caring and crave for a happy home/family space. Wow!

Mumma’s Boy Type

This breed of husbands is a rarity but yes they pretty much exist. They are way too attached to their moms and can hardly ever love another woman, including their wives. They are a black mark on the entire husband fraternity. They need the permission of their holy mothers for everything including making love to their wives! They are unfit to be called husband and frankly don’t mind the tag ‘Mumma’s Boy‘. Urghhhh!

Perfect Dad Material Type

These husbands are uncommon but yes they do exist. These men are open to sharing every parenting responsibility with their wives and in fact are proud of their wonderful skill sets. They take good care of their kids in their wife’s absence and hardly ever complain losing their freedom to ‘baby-sitting’. They do everything to make their kids happy and are a hit with both their wives and children. Amazing!

Careless Type

These husbands are oblivious to their surroundings at home and all that they care about is I, Me, Myself! They belittle their wives for not doing anything at home through the day and are picky, choosy, and finicky about everything. They crave for peace after returning home from work and don’t lend a helping hand to their wives or kids. They are happy to follow the daily pattern of eat-crib-sleep-crib-repeat. Obviously, they are extremely demanding. Phew!

PDA Type

These husbands like to display their affection in public and sometimes overstep their limits in showering their wives with an overdose of PDA. Well, none of us mind their PDA but the fact is that these husbands can be a negative role model for young kids who imitate everything that sets their curiosity meter abuzz, without caring about the consequences. Cheeky eh!

‘You Are An Outsider’ Type

This breed of husbands needs a wife to satiate their physical needs but when it comes to fulfilling their wives’ emotional needs, their response is negative. They make their wives uncomfortable and insecure even when they are around. They are cozy with their family which certainly does not include their wives in the periphery. For them the wife is meant to do all the menial jobs and never participate in any decision making as she is an outsider and not a core part of the family team. Disgusting!

My husband is a combination of Homely Type and Perfect Dad Material Type. What about you?

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