How Sexual Harassment At Workplace Is Affecting Women?

Every day, women face sexual harassments in the workplace and remain silent, as they feel that complaining would worsen the scenario in the workplace.

When I was commuting to my workplace, I accidentally met a lady crying in the bus that was stationed at the free zone area in Dubai.

When I asked her if I could help her. She replied that she worked for a reputed company, and occasionally, a manager visits the office who was sexually abusing her. I told her to complain to the director, but she was scared because the manager was a relative of the director.

The fear of losing the job was unimaginable. Back home, she had no financial support as she was the breadwinner of the family.

I told her not to worry too much and go ahead and tell the director. He knows the rules of labour law and harassment and will find a solution to her problem.

She immediately reported, and the director decided to help her. With the help of his reference, she got a job in another reputed company.

Every day, women are harassed in the workplace!

Every day, women face sexual harassments and abuse physically and mentally at the workplace. Some of them are silent, and they feel that complaining would worsen the scenario in the workplace.

But in reality, these incidents should be reported immediately. Such men do not deserve to work as colleagues or managers. The harassment need not come from superiors or an employer.

Workplace harassment in India

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It can come from many sources like contractors, customers, strangers, and even visitors. Not all men are dangerous, but a handful of them are.

Women who face sexual harassment are prone to depression, stress, sleep disorders, lowered self-esteem and migraine attacks. Not only does it affect her productivity at the workplace but she will never be able to concentrate on her work as well as her personal life.

What are the most common reasons for harassment?

Reasons women face sexual harassment in workplace

Let’s look at the reasons why women have to go through sexual harassment.

Superiority complex in men

Most men do not prefer to work with women colleagues, especially if both are in similar positions. There are many situations where men try to comment with indecent remarks, physical abuse, unwelcome conduct, showing vulgar images or videos, or any other similar behaviour.

Be very careful when you see these behavioural changes.

Jealousy at workplace

Jealousy at the workplace is the biggest crime against women employees; a male employee would not like to see his female colleague getting success, promotion, or incentives from the employer. In jealousy, he would harass her through sexual abuse.

They don’t like seeing a woman becoming successful or reaching in high position. Deliberately, they will try to harass their female colleague to leave the job.

Disrespectful behaviour

Male colleagues try to gain attention by commenting, gossiping, or saying jokes of sexual nature.

Though in our society, we are taught to respect women and worship them, but in reality, that doesn’t happen. Many women today are not respected, they are vulnerable to face rude remarks and comments.


Most of the companies that recruit female employees have to make sure that the work environment is safe. In most cases, there will be only one female receptionist, and the rest of the staff will be male colleagues.

The female employee will be less considered and will have to work sometimes extra hours. There is no hard and fast rule that she has to work extra hours, or she should come all days even when she is sick.

Even if she works extra hours, she has all the right to get an extra salary and promotion.

How to identify sexual harassment in the workplace from male colleagues

  • Unwelcome sexual behaviour.
  • Inappropriate sexual remarks.
  • Request for sexual favours.
  • Being silent or firing without appropriate reason.
  • Toxic behaviour being exhibited.

All of the above affects women in their workplace, creating a hostile environment. Today, in almost all countries, there is a labour law to prohibit sexual harassment. Women have all the right to complain about any kind of harassment in the workplace.

But in reality, the mentality of men has to change. It is a basic human right to respect women in the workplace, and they should be treated with equal importance.

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