Why Is Household Chores My Job? Come Help Your Mom!

When you are a parent of tiny tots, remember little ones are completely dependent on you. And as they grow up, parenting doesn't stop. But it's time to let children help in household chores.

After a few years of parenting, I am sure you will gain certain wisdom. Following are some of my observations and the wisdom I gained, that I have noted down.

And here they are:

  • Mama, why didn’t you wash my socks?

“Why are only mothers blamed for not washing the socks?”

Which means I did not train my child to wash her socks by herself.

  • School uniforms vanished instantly.

“Where are my school uniforms?” My daughter asking mysteriously ?
“Why are only mothers blamed for misplacing the school uniforms?”

Which means I did not train my child to organize and keep her clothes in the right place.

  • School shoes wandering all around the house.
    “Why are only mothers blamed for putting the shoes in the wrong place?”

Which means I did not train them to keep the shoes in a designated area.

The mother will be blamed for everything and anything. If the child doesn’t do well in studies, she will be blamed for that, too.

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During my school days, I used to do grocery shopping alone and play with my friends either in their home or outside. Cook dishes or try to experiment with what I like.

We are scared to let children be alone!

Today, situations have changed. We are scared to leave our children alone, and even if it is their friend’s house, we are worried. We don’t want the child to go shopping alone. Likewise, we are so much engrossed with our child’s safety, restricting them from moving freely. That, too, has now become a mother’s duty.

If anything happens, the blame goes to the mother, who is supposed to control the child. What all is happening these days in a country like India? Parents will always be like security guards waiting outside. Strange world and strange people. We just don’t want to trust anyone.

A child who loves to cook will be restricted to enter the kitchen as it is considered dangerous to play with pots and pans.

Don’t worry, I am here to give you some tips on how to handle these situations

When you are a parent of tiny tots, remember little ones are completely dependent on you. The joy and satisfaction of fulfilling their needs is completely your responsibility.

And as they grow up, parenting doesn’t stop. But it’s time to let children help in household chores.

Let them do household chores

I have seen in many families that the in-laws get into the scene and interfere in these matters. Why should the child do housework?

The question remains unanswered because, after all, it is mother’s duty to take care of the whole family despite if she falls sick or can’t handle all the household chores by herself.

  • Doing household chores is a basic life skill, and it should not be considered as an additional burden given to a child.
  • As a parent, you may have talents and interests in taking care of your little ones, but to some extent, a child’s helping hand can do wonders.
  • If a child doesn’t learn basic skills, you have raised an incomplete adult, immature in one’s thoughts, actions, and managing life skills.
  • So it’s important to teach a child to cook easy dishes first, then go for the hard ones, iron their clothes, wash the utensils, do laundry, arrange their study table and help in other household chores which are manageable. When I use the word ‘manageable’, be careful not to give too much work and make them tired.

But I am shocked to see some ladies who just won’t allow them to handle anything on their own. Many parents feel guilty, but believe me, they learn a lot from doing household chores. Apart from studies, these children gain a lot from doing these activities.

Benefits kids gain

  • A sense of responsibility
  • Creative thinking
  • Develops organizational skills
  • Manages independently
  • Improves decision-making skills
  • They develop time-management skills.

Well it’s time to teach them lessons, it is time to make them independent. I am not sure if I can teach them all in the coming years. Day by day, help them to manage by themselves.

Then someday we can stop fishing out socks and uniform from the pile of clothes lying on the floor.

Image source: ImagesBazzar via Getty Images, edited on CanvaPro

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