6 Effective Time Management Tips To Take Control Of Your Life!

Are you always struggling when it come to managing time? Follow these tips for effective time management and make the best of your day!

Effective time management is often related to good self-management. To control time and the tasks you can achieve in a particular time frame, you have to control yourself.

This means your self-management should be epic and impeccable. But this discipline is not easy. You need advanced and quick tips and tricks. We will be discussing them later on for your knowledge.

Where does the problem start?

We know how to manage time at a fundamental level: an alarm clock. We are dependent on it. But as long as the snooze option is there, we can never make the most use of the alarm clock. It disrupts your sleeping pattern, time management, and entire day’s schedule.

That’s only happening because we do not wake up as per the alarm clock’s set time. The snooze is the enemy here, fueling our greed to be lazy and not wake up to be responsible.

Benefits of time management

Once you manage time, a lot of benefits are bound to come your way. The core three benefits are as follows:


When you deliver the work on time, your capability to meet deadlines and be trustable enough in front of others increases. This balloons your efficiency to a higher level. You won’t miss opportunities in life too.

Personal and professional success

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People often find multiple things to be the key to success. But time or self-management is something which you would never deny. As you learned to control your time and make the most of it, success will always be yours.

Perfect health

Health is another benefit that you cannot ignore. If you sleep and wake up on time, it will automatically improve your mental and physical health drastically.

Hurdles in the journey to effective time management

Nonclear objectives

You don’t know what to achieve in life. As is it, life is pretty big. There are many things one person can do. But choices are hard to make without guidance. Therefore, you end up wasting time because you are unsure where or how to spend it for your benefit.

Inability to say no

You cannot say NO when someone asks you for help. This consumes your time a lot. You have to prioritize things to do in your life if you want to start self-management.


You have a lot of distractions around you. This includes cell phone addiction, social media addiction, and people continuously talking and creating chaos around you. This will disrupt your focus and won’t let you work efficiently.

Stress and fatigue

Anxiety and depression can cause stress and mental fatigue. This way, you won’t do what you should or must do in a specific time frame. If you do not cope with stress before time, you end up losing your worth, life, reputation, and even social relations.

Cope with obstacles- Best tips for effective time management

Set goals

Conduct your SWOT analysis. Know now what you can or cannot do in life. Know what you love to learn. And then walk on that path in life.

Prioritize 4 D

Do the work on the spot. Delay the unnecessary work with a deadline. Delegate to your subordinates if others can do it too. Delete the task which is not worthy anymore.

Keep notes

Keep a planner and to-do list. You can look at it whenever you would like. Then you would know which tasks are pending. Then you can pay attention to them.

Use available tools you are comfortable with

Make use of the CRM, To-do list, time management, and automation tools freely available online. You will seriously end up saving a lot of your time in hand.

Utilize waiting time

We often have to wait. It is either in a line, airport, railway station, book store, general store, doctor’s appointment, or anywhere else. Often, if we do not plan, we end up wasting hours because of the waiting time.

But you can achieve a lot when you utilize this time in hand. You can read the pending book, finish your reports, and check the latest news about your industry or business. You can even check up with old colleagues, friends, or the latest subordinates to know what’s going on when there is ample waiting time in your hand.

Find your productive hour of the day

The best way to embed time management skills is to find the best hour of the day when you are most productive. This will get all the important done for the day ahead. You will have a high focus and less distraction during this hour. You can achieve a lot during the most productive hour of the day compared to other hours.

Do follow these tips for effective time management and get those precious moments to enjoy your coffee!

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