My Kids Are My Guardian Angels Who Taught Me To Let Go Of Competition…

Is parenting only about teaching the right things to a child? At times, it is the child who assumes the opposite role and becomes your guardian angel!

Is parenting only about teaching the right things to a child? At times, it is the child who assumes the opposite role and becomes your guardian angel!

Children give life a new meaning, a statement which everyone is sure to agree on. The feeling is even more overwhelming when one become parents to a toddler or infant.

Seeing kids grow is an aspect of life that parents enjoy and I too have been able to experience the same. But the journey is not all green or colourful. It’s a messy, rough one wherein our own children become guardian angel and teach us the meaning of  life.



My kids are my guardian angels and have taught me precious lessons!

Spending time with children has taught me, personally to grow once again but in a different way. This growth has been full of enjoyment, positivity, stress, and, yet a complete openness towards life. As both a parent and a person, I have learnt to value my beliefs, opinions and ethics and also be curious. 

The children I raise are also my guardian angels in an intrinsic way. Unknowingly, they have taught me to let go of the competition. They have made me understand how to enjoy the flow of change in life instead of competing with it. Not everyone is a winner at life. Even then, every single person; a kid, parent, adult, toddler etc. has a story to tell and share to the world.

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With time, us parents also become tired of everything, having experienced everything in their life from success to failure. But children are the ones who bring the newness to every single emotion at this time. They allow us to live life once again through their eyes and their emotions.


The still bumpy road…

Despite all, it’s still hard to be a parent sometimes. I can feel myself burning hot in pain and anger or jumping in joy in the air and this happens as the emotions of my children swing from one end to another. 

This is especially when kids make cute faces and cry like it is the end of the world over a candy. You feel like hugging the life out of them when you see them wiggle and weep over trivial things in life. It makes you realise that being a parent is no easy journey.

In contrast, as adults, however, we barely express ourselves even when we face major problems in life. But children can somehow spark changes there too. They have begun to teach me how to express myself freely.


I have learnt not to pressurize my children at all!

In the current times, there is another concern and that is competition. There are many competitions for children across various fields. But with time, I have learnt not to pressurize and burden my children at all, especially in their tender ages. Childhood is something that never returns and us parents, get to live that childhood again through our child.

 As a parent, all I try to do is to push them to be on the most righteous path possible and teach them to be unafraid of failure. They reciprocate by smiling even when they fail, knowing that they have my partner and me.

I see my children as the masters of their life and parents, their guiding, guarding, and lovely guardian angels in life. Parents are the first set of family and friends in a child’s life and support from family and friends is integral at any point in life, making competition trivial. I believe guidance and support are all that is needed and children will find their own path in time.


Image source: A still from Aatma

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