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Time management skills
6 Effective Time Management Tips To Take Control Of Your Life!

Are you always struggling when it come to managing time? Follow these tips for effective time management and make the best of your day!

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Breaking All Barriers And Flying High Is My Freedom My Way

We're taught what and how to wear, how to make ourselves presentable and what not! And given our upbringing, we never even question such things.

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Our Paychecks Need To Stop Knowing The Perks Of Being A Man!

And it felt like all the dedication and hard work I had put into my work was wasted just because of this gender-biased behavior.

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I Want My Parents To Understand That My Dreams Are As Important As Marriage Is For Them!

I study all day because I want to get out of my family's controlling ways. If others are marrying, that's good, but I'll take such a huge step when I'm ready, not when others feel like I am.

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My Kids Are My Guardian Angels Who Taught Me To Let Go Of Competition…

Is parenting only about teaching the right things to a child? At times, it is the child who assumes the opposite role and becomes your guardian angel!

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Is Firing An Employee Through PIP Or Performance Improvement Plan Worth It?

The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) often fails to help the employee but instead creates an unpleasant environment for the whole HR intervention. 

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A Powerful Smile Has Much More Worth Than Any Currency

Smile for today becasue the power of a smile can fade away the darkness of the world for some time.

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Economical And Creative Ways To Harvest Rainwater For Your Home

One of the ways you can become self-sufficient and reduce your carbon footprint is by harvesting rainwater. By storing rainwater, you can pull through the driest months of the year.

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Depression – A Mental Condition That Can Change Your Life

Depression is a mental illness that has the capacity to turn fatal. Understanding the 'how's and 'why's of this condition can be the first step to managing it and saving countless lives.

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Classic 5 Mom-Duties That I Want To Be Free From Often!

Motherhood is bitter-sweet experience and challenges experienced by new mothers needs a more nuanced outlook.

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How To Stay Positive And Manage Your Mental Health During COVID-19?

If you are worried about mental health during the lock down, read points to follow!

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3 Kinds Of People To Avoid At Workspace For Better Mental Health

Meeting new people and forming relations is part of life. Here are three kinds of people that you should avoid in your life.

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From Post Pregnancy Depression To Fatigue, These Are Struggles After Pregnancy

Multiple difficult times define how my life took a total 180-degree turn after I gave birth. These struggles include:

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Mothers Can Increase Their Followers on Any Social Media Platforms

Share parenting tips and other interesting parts of your lives and gain social media followers and brand value.

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KK Shailaja Became The Best Strategist In Medical Sector In India

Her strategic mind has played a nice role in protecting the residents of Kerala against the rambunctious onslaught of Coronavirus.

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Surrogacy Is The Reward To One Mother By Another

Surrogacy is a wish that fulfils one mother's aspirations to have and raise a baby because of the other woman.

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