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Economical And Creative Ways To Harvest Rainwater For Your Home

Posted: July 22, 2020

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One of the ways you can become self-sufficient and reduce your carbon footprint is by harvesting rainwater. By storing rainwater, you can pull through the driest months of the year. Many people opt for this method of water preservation for various reasons.

Why opt for rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is one of the solutions to the water crises that many people face. Many people walk long distances to collect water for their daily needs. Through rainwater harvesting, you can save your time, energy, and even money. This method of water preservation is pocket-friendly, useful, and beneficial in many ways.

Different ways to harvest rainwater

1.    Installing a drum or large-sized barrel

All you need is a large-sized drum or barrel and a pipe. You can use the water collected for washing your car, gardening, or even for your household chores.

2.    Have a separate water tank

For people who need a lot of water, having a separate water tank for rainwater harvesting is a good idea. You can always leave it open during the rains so that you can collect the water.

3.    Opt for catchment ponds

Amongst the various rainwater conservation methods, this is considered as one of the traditional methods. People make artificial ponds not only to collect rainwater but also to control flooding.

4.    Recharge Wells

If you are living in a residential community or an individual house, a recharge well is a good idea. These wells are similar to a borewell and can help to channel and to collect rainwater. The water is collected from rooftops, roads, paved surfaces, etc.

5.    A rain garden

A rain garden consists of planted flowers, perennials, and native shrubs. These plants are generally placed in a slopy area. A rain garden will help to hold the water for some time. These gardens are situated in lawns, balconies, driveways, or even on the roof.

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