Surrogacy Is The Reward To One Mother By Another

Surrogacy is a wish that fulfils one mother's aspirations to have and raise a baby because of the other woman.

Surrogacy is a wish that fulfils one mother’s aspirations to have and raise a baby because of the other woman.

Though, this process is not easy. Surrogate mothers often face multiple challenges. They are ready to go through the hormonal changes in their body just for the sake of another woman’s wish to become a mother through her.

We can say that surrogacy is also a sacrifice. To simply put, a surrogate mother has to face issues related to heightened emotions, faster ageing, and messed-up diet. Then, it includes regular visitations with the gynaecologists with at least one family member’s support or the support coming from the upcoming child’s future family.

Surrogate Mother

At times, the woman who chooses to become a surrogate mother has to fight against her family for a long time. Most families would not want their daughters or mothers to become a surrogate mother, lending their kid to another woman after the delivery for life.

But the sacrifice that the surrogate mother is ready for shows how one woman can stand in support of another. Even if it is for monetary benefits, surrogacy’s borderline will always be a shoutout to the entire feminist crowd, that we women can and will always support each other.

A Deeper Bond

Thus, both the mothers in the surrogacy share a deeper bond. They are like sisters. At times, even when the surrogate mother wants to be in touch with the child after delivery, the upcoming mother can do so. This only improves the kid’s future life when he or she grows up in a loving environment.

More than that, surrogacy should not be something we fight against. It is a voice and a helping hand of a woman to another. We should always appreciate such a massive sacrifice to bring a ray of hope in another mother’s life.

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