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From Post Pregnancy Depression To Fatigue, These Are Struggles After Pregnancy

Posted: June 24, 2020

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Multiple difficult times define how my life took a total 180-degree turn after I gave birth. These struggles include:

I was into post-pregnancy depression for quite a few months

The depression that a mother goes through after pregnancy is nothing compared to our teenage life or a midlife crisis, which we often feel. This depression was over the top. I felt that maybe I was about to die or should die. That was again because of multiple reasons.

There was a stage when I felt that I was useless, and I couldn’t raise the baby. But I was visiting my doctor regularly; she gave me antidepressant medicines that wouldn’t harm the baby while feeding her breast milk.

More than that, I was able to recover from it because of my family’s support. I used to cry a lot for the first few months. Then, at times, I won’t talk to anybody. Then my husband broke my shell, started listening to, started sharing the responsibility, making me realise that we can pull through it and that I was not alone in it.

I had the fatigue that won’t simply go away

The fatigue immediately after the pregnancy was because of the delivery and then because of the depression that I was going through. But my family helped to drink as much liquid as I could and eat as healthy as possible.

Without my family’s support, I would not have survived the fatigue I went through. There were days, I wasn’t able to get out of the bed. I wasn’t ready to get up and take care of the baby. There was no energy left in my body.

I had to become more responsible for my baby

The precautions we took before and during the pregnancy were completely different than the time we had successfully delivered the baby. Now, I had to be more responsible, proactive, more informed, and more serious about the doctor’s visits for safety, vaccinations, and the diet protocol for my baby to be healthy and strong at any point in time.

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