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KK Shailaja Became The Best Strategist In Medical Sector In India

Posted: June 7, 2020

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Her strategic mind has played a nice role in protecting the residents of Kerala against the rambunctious onslaught of Coronavirus.

India has been enraptured with a Coronavirus pandemic for almost 4 months down the line as of now. But amongst the entire scenario, there is a lady who came across nations as a serious hero in the Medical sector in India.

This lady is none other than the Health Minister of Kerala, K. K. Shailaja. Her strategic mind has played a nice role in protecting the residents of Kerala against the rambunctious onslaught of Coronavirus. This was also possible because she has earlier worked with Nipah Virus quarantine situations in the earlier quarters of 2018. She had the first-hand experience in dealing with a deadly virus.

The Coronavirus

So, as soon as Coronavirus took hold over China and other countries in the world, K.K. Shailaja began the control and preventive measure in Kerala itself. During such time, there were hurdles by the general public initially. But with time, the residents understood her worry and mindset.

Therefore, even the possible residents were cooperative enough to listen to the commands and requests of the Health Minister of Kerala. Thus, the processes of testing, scanning, and protecting the travellers in Kerala began on-time. This was a successful attempt in Kerala before Coronavirus became viral in India altogether.

Kerala Was The First State To Detect Coronavirus

That is why Kerala was one of the first states to detect Coronavirus patients. Besides that, Kerala is also one of the primary states which took the Coronavirus under extreme control. The death count is only four in Kerala against the thousands in the country as well as other nations.

This was majorly possible because of the joint efforts of K.K. Shailaja, her team, her strategies, as well as the public’s support and acceptance of the laws applied on travellers and then all of them in Kerala.

Off-lately, she has also been interviewed by multiple international newspapers and magazines. Every such media house is praising her initiatives and thanking her for the proactiveness put in by her along with her team.

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