A Powerful Smile Has Much More Worth Than Any Currency

Smile for today becasue the power of a smile can fade away the darkness of the world for some time.

Smile for today becasue the power of a smile can fade away the darkness of the world for some time.

A smile is such a powerful tool that one tends to ignore. A beautiful and unbounded smile can bring joy to others’ lives. And this is not a misguided fact either. If you see the image clearly shown in this blog, you will see how beautifully that little girl is smiling.

It looks like there is nothing in this world that can scare her. Even when her financial condition or the standard of living is like a beggar on the streets. If you zoom in on the girl’s picture, you would see that she is sitting on the roadside, and probably the entire scenario behind her looks like people moving with their bags.

Smiles Can Light Up Dark Times

This can be the ongoing effect of the coronavirus lockdown situation in the various parts of the country. As it is, for the past few months, we have seen and heard about daily wage workers moving from town to town in search of work.

This girl might be in one of the similar situations, given the background. But when you focus on the girl’s smile, you forget everything else that’s narrating a totally dismayed story belonging to the location she has been shown at this moment.

That is simply a small example of what a smile can do to one’s life. This little girl is probably not even aware of the current situations around her, related to her family, city, or country. She might not even know how hard it is for her parents to earn at least two meals a day. She doesn’t know the tough life her parents are going through at this exact moment when you are reading about her on this page.

All she knows is she is getting to eat a lot of food on the plate right now. Or this might be her favourite food to eat. Nobody can know the exact reason. The smile she ignited and placed on her face right now, makes the reader zoom in on it. The darkness of the world she lives in actually fades for some time. This is just a slight power of a wrinkled smile on an innocent kid’s face.

Smiles Hide The Realities Of Pain

On the flip side, this might be a rare occurrence for her. She might be the brightest soul among other kids on the streets. She knows that having a day with an enormous meal is tough or does happen to people belonging to her group.

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And that is why she is smiling so cheerfully.

In other words, she feeds her growling stomach while roaming on the streets. Perhaps, even while being homeless during the current tight situation in the nation; a smile is all she has to wear every day, making her life still look like a fairy tale.

After all, what else can they kids uplift their mood and the passive thinking of dark times ahead? At times, just a smile on kids like hers gives a ray of hope to those watching her. Even the photographer probably got a hint of reality and power to bring the change in the world.

The little one here is oblivious to the fact that maybe tomorrow might not be the same as today—tomorrow, she might not have the same meal—tomorrow, she might not be the same location, putting it all together.

Picture Credits – Pexels


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