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I Didn’t Get Hired At My First Job Interview, But I Was Lucky To Have Escaped Unscathed!

Getting propositioned by the CEO of a company where I had my very first job interview traumatised me, even though I got out before he could do anything.

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Instead Of Saying, “Why Didn’t She Report”, Ask “What At Work Made Her Not Report?”

Whether depression, menstrual cramps, gender bias or sexual harassment at workplace, women have never stopped being working persons. Hats off to them!

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Streets, Office, She Was Safe Nowhere. It’s A ‘Luxury’ For Women To Walk Away From It All

Years went by, places and people changed, there were new stories but one cause remained the same. Here are author's decade-long encounters with sexual harassment. 

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Do You Have A Problem With #MeToo? Here Is Why You Shouldn’t…

Though #MeToo is getting widespread support, it is not free from criticisms. It is unwise to condemn the whole movement due to some of its loopholes. 

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97 Lawyers To Allegedly Defend MJ Akbar, To What Extent Will Men In Power Go? 

Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar has filed a defamation case against journalist Priya Ramani. He has called her accusations of sexual harassment against him a political conspiracy.

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No More Hushing Women’s Voices! With #MeToo Workplaces Should Get Better For Women

The stories coming into light as part of #MeToo movement are heart-wrenching. The act of covering up violations and protecting the offenders by co-workers are unacceptable. 

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