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workplace harassment
rights of women in the workplace in India
Women’s Rights At Workplace In India: All You Need To Know

Know about rights of women in the workplace- rights related to working in shifts, safety and more as lawfully provided by the Government of India. 

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So, Will All The Bullying Stop If You Sack This One Offender?

She hadn’t anticipated the fiasco. There had been murmurs of 'improper dressing', but this time the situation had escalated to a boiling point.

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Of Course, The Quintessential Bollywood Heroine Gyrating In A Sheer Sari Cannot Feel Cold!

Avantika was appalled at his callousness. “Do we need this scene? Is it fair that the heroine is scantily dressed, while the hero is suitably attired to brave the cold?”

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Chief Yoshiro Mori Says Women Talk Too Much At Meetings, Called Out For Sexism
Yoshiro Mori sexist remark

In yet another case of workplace sexism, the Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori said women delay meetings, as they talk too much. 

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Why It Is Important To Support TATA For Taking Down The Tanishq Ad
support Tanishq ad

It's important to applaud that Tanishq put employee safety first when faced with violence, instead of debating the rights and wrongs of the 'controversial' ad. 

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Haryana IAS Officer Resignation Reveals How Our Houses Are Still Burning Under Patriarchy

The resignation of IAS Office Rani Nagar due to workplace harassment is another reason we need to act on the fire of patriarchy burning in our houses.

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