Debunking 5 Common Myths On POSH In The Workplace

Debunk these 5 myths about the POSH Act and help create harassment-free workplaces, promoting respect, inclusivity, and equality.

Debunk these 5 myths about the POSH Act and help create harassment-free workplaces, promoting respect, inclusivity, and equality.

The POSH Act is a law made by the Indian government in 2013 to protect women from sexual harassment at work. It’s all about making the workplace safe for women and stopping sexual harassment.

The law says that sexual harassment can include things like unwanted touching, sexual advances, asking for sexual favours, making rude comments, showing inappropriate pictures or videos, or any other behaviour of a sexual nature that someone doesn’t want.

This law came about because of a famous court case in 1997 called Vishakha and others v State of Rajasthan. The court made guidelines, and these guidelines later became the basis for the 2013 law. The court also used the Indian Constitution and international rules that India agreed to follow to make this law.

Important parts of the POSH law

Posh act myths

  • Prevention and Prohibition: Employers have to make sure sexual harassment doesn’t happen at work.
  • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC): If a workplace has 10 or more employees, they have to set up a committee to handle complaints of sexual harassment. This committee can gather evidence like a court.
  • Duties of Employers: Employers need to educate their employees about the law, create a safe work environment, and put up information about the law at the workplace.
  • Complaint Process: The law tells you how to file a complaint, how investigations should happen, and how to be fair to everyone involved.
  • Penalties: If a company doesn’t follow the law, they can get in trouble, like paying fines or even losing their business license.

Here are 5 myths about the POSH Act


Myth: Sexual harassment is rare and doesn’t happen frequently in workplaces.

Reality: Sexual harassment is more prevalent than you might think. It can occur in any industry, organization, or level of hierarchy. We help debunk this myth by raising awareness and providing tools to prevent and address sexual harassment in workplaces.

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Myth: Only women are victims of sexual harassment

Reality: Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. Men, non-binary individuals, and transgender individuals can also be victims. Our training programs emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing all forms of harassment.

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Myth: Reporting sexual harassment will lead to negative consequences or retaliation

Reality: Reporting sexual harassment should never result in negative consequences or retaliation. We educate employees on their rights, the confidential reporting process, and the legal protections in place to ensure a safe reporting environment.

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Myth: Sexual harassment is limited to physical acts or explicit language

Reality: Sexual harassment encompasses a wide range of behaviours, including verbal, non-verbal, and online actions. It can involve unwelcome advances, offensive comments, inappropriate jokes, or displaying explicit materials. Our training helps individuals understand the various forms of sexual harassment.

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Myth: Compliance with POSH regulations is a burden and unnecessary for small organizations

Reality: All organizations, regardless of size, are obligated to comply with POSH regulations. We provide guidance and support tailored to the specific needs of small businesses, ensuring that they can meet their compliance requirements effectively.

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Let’s debunk these myths and create workplaces that are free from sexual harassment. Together, we can foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and equality.

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