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Abandoned As Brides By NRI Husbands, 8 Women Entreat SC For Help

The SC will hear the pleas of 8 women who were abandoned as brides by NRI husbands. Here's why the plea and the hearing are important.

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What Are The Legal Rights Of An Indian Citizen If Arrested; Especially Women?
rights of an arrested person

It is always advisable to know your legal rights in case of any eventuality. What are the rights of an arrested person in India, and especially if a woman?

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What Should We Know About The Indian Marriage Laws?
Indian marriage laws

A look at Indian marriage laws as a ruling from Allahabad Court says that the requirement for publishing details in an interfaith marriage violates right to privacy. 

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Lohri, Pongal, Sankranti, Bihu… Some More Reasons We Should Be Grateful To Farmers
Farmers protest

Farmers protesting the implementation of the 3 farmers bills are protesting the meddling by corporates that will happen, and destroy Indian agriculture as we know it.

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What Is The Petition Demanding Rights For Same Sex Couples Under The Hindu Marriage Act (1955)?

4 members of the LGBTQIA+ community filed a PIL demanding equal rights to same-sex couples under the Hindu Marriage Act. Here's what we know.

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Marriage Annulment Laws In India And Everything You Should Know About What To Do
marriage annulment

Marriage Annulment is the complete nullification of a marriage, which is different from a divorce. What are the laws in India for this?

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