10 Reasons Why Isn’t There A Straight Pride Month!

Have run into the question of why isn't there a Straight Pride Month every Pride Month? We have 10 reasons explaining why we don't!

Have run into the question of why isn’t there a Straight Pride Month every Pride Month. We have 10 reasons explaining, why we don’t have a straight pride month!

Every pride month, many people question what is the need for this month. Why do have to dedicate an entire month to our sexualities and choice of life-partner? And most importantly, why is there never a straight month celebration?

Pride Month is about spreading awareness about the LGBTQIA community, highlighting the issues that are faced by the rainbow community. People choose to celebrate this month by honouring the many lives lost to prejudice, some celebrate it by sharing the joy of being queer and alive, and some choose to advocate for the need for inclusion.

Celebrating Pride Month doesn’t mean we are excluding straight people, rather it is one month, we are choosing to focus on ourselves and our issues! Pride Month is all about inclusion and acceptance!

What can straight people do to help?

Be our ally! Support us, spread awareness and accept us!

10 reasons why we don’t have a straight pride month!

Here are your answers on why we don’t have a straight month,

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Reason 1

Because heterosexuality has historically been the societal norm and straight individuals do not face the same level of discrimination and persecution based on their sexual orientation.

Reason 2

Because heterosexuality is already widely accepted and represented in mainstream culture. It is everywhere!

Reason 3

Because straight people are not denied jobs, housing, or healthcare due to their identities.

Reason 4

Because issues such as lack of marriage equality, adoption rights and legal gender recognition are often faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Reason 5

Because straight persons are not disowned by their families or friends as much as community members are.

Reason 6

Because community members, particularly transgender individuals and people of colour, are disproportionately targeted for hate crimes and acts of violence.

Reason 7

Because it is important to understand the historical context and the specific challenges such as systemic discrimination and marginalization experienced by LGBTQ+ individuals.

Reason 8

Because homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia contribute to negative attitudes, stereotypes, and misconceptions globally.

Reason 9

Because LGBTQ+ people are at a higher risk for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and suicide due to the stress and stigma they face.

Reason 10

Because challenges faced by straight individuals (such as relationship issues, societal expectations, and personal struggles) are significant. However, these are not rooted in discrimination or prejudice based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Also, remember that Pride month is not only a celebration but also an opportunity for reflection and education. It is not just a moment in time or a month; it is a movement throughout the year and across the world.

Pride month celebrations are inclusive of heterosexual individuals who stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. It is an opportunity for everyone to come together, celebrate diversity, and work towards a more inclusive and accepting world for all.

This article was first published on LinkedIn. We have republished the article with a few editorial changes, on Women’s Web, with permission from author Abhinav Shikhar.

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