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Pride Month
How To Be A LGBTQIA Ally As A Straight Women?
How To Be A LGBTQIA Ally As A Straight Woman?

Genuine allyship is not hard, as a straight woman supporting the LGBTQIA community, here are a few things we need to know!

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4 Yrs After Scrapping Article 377, What Is On-Ground Reality For Queer Lives In India?

Without marriage equality, a horde of civil rights remain inaccessible to the queer community from joint adoption to financial benefits, relegating them to the position of second class citizens.

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A Short Story About Acceptance: Mirror On The Wall
Mirror On The Wall

The floral-leafy pattern in brown polished wood made the mirror look delicate and inviting. The fact that it could easily be carried around really irked Maa.

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When Will Mainstream Movies Stop Casting Cisgenders for Queer Roles?
Stills from Chandigar Kare Aashiqui and Badhaai Do

The OTT platforms showcase a wide spectrum of genres that have prominent dramas originals that depict and circulate queer elements, like Fame Game, Four More Shots Please.

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There’s No Stronger Force Than Love, And Where There’s Love, Nothing Is Wrong Or Unnatural!

To be honest, I had wondered if it would feel weird to see two men or two women marrying each other, but that day, I realized that there’s nothing more beautiful than watching two people immensely in love coming together.

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Concluding June, The Month Of Love In Many Colours, With This…

It is a fight that I fight every day, and I get tired and dejected many a times. Won’t you be my friend? Stand up for me, speak for me and fight for me the days that I can’t?

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