Woman Rescued From Home After Being Tortured For Years In AP

A 35 year old woman was not allowed by her husband to even step out of home since 2008 when they got married. Even her family members were not allowed to visit her.

Trigger Warning: This deals with violence against women, domestic violence, and may be triggering for survivors.

During the pandemic, the one thing the world wished for was to see the sunrise without fear. To step out of the house and breathe fresh air. Being at home all the time definitely affected the mental health of many and more percentages of women. There were many articles and statistics that confirmed this.

What happens when a woman is jailed inside her own house for a decade?

It seems to be like the scenario from a movie, but at times it is real.

What really happened

The One-Town police of Vizianagaram Town rescued a 35-year-old woman who remained confined indoors for over a decade in her husband’s house in Andhra Pradesh. The couple got married in 2008 and have three children. The husband, a lawyer by profession, held his wife to stay at home and never allowed her to step out. Even the connection with her family members was severed. When they insisted on meeting her, he ensured they never stepped into his house.

In 2019, she managed to contact the Disha Police, informing them about the mental and physical torture she underwent. She withdrew the complaint after getting some assurance from him.

Maybe she shouldn’t have. The exact circumstance of why she withdrew the complaint is still unknown.

When her parents tried to meet her in February with the support of the police, her husband resisted. Finally, her parents filed a petition in court to save their daughter. With the court order, she was rescued.

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Maybe her parents could have taken this step a few years ago. Again there could be reasons.

While there are many ‘Maybe’ situations to be pondered on, there are lessons learned.

How parents condition daughters

In many families, the parents tend to say this statement to the ‘to-be-bride’. “Your husband will be your life hereafter. He is your world. You will see all your friends/relations in him.”

That doesn’t mean she has severe ties with the outside world. She vows to live with him in good and bad times. Her life will remain the same. The married status doesn’t change her friendship or the bonding she holds with her family.

Still in some households, marrying off the girl feels like the responsibility is completed for the parents. It isn’t.

She might hide her tears and smile before her parents. While it is important to ensure she leads a happy life, it is even more important to have daily/weekly calls to make sure she is safe and not caged. With technological advancement in today’s a click is all that is needed.

Even as friends and as relations, a casual talk with our dear ones is definitely needed. When a slight suspicion arouses, it is better to act fast, and if needed take the help of the police. The law in our country is always stronger. A woman’s safety is crucial.

A woman always shoulders her pain rather than share it with others. Fearing the future of her children, her parents might get worried, financial struggle to stand separately, and the list goes on.

There are many NGOs and women-centered institutes that help a woman to live independently. As parents, friends, and relatives, emotional support is required for those in need. Let us vow to see no more such incidents rise.

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