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It’s Alarming How Many Men Are Attacking Women For Saying NO!

Trigger Warning: This deals with graphic description of violence against women and breach of consent, and may be triggering to survivors.

An attack on a woman when she refuses to marry a man seems never-ending. The only way for men to retaliate is by hitting the woman or throwing acid at her. The ultimate aim seen here is that she should be physically wounded and destroyed so that she never earns love from another man. From where do men acquire these rights to harm a woman?

While the terrifying Shraddha Walkar case still lingers in mind, another case had been reported in Madhya Pradesh a few days ago where a man is seen attacking a woman just because she refused to marry him as her family did not approve of their relationship. After she explicitly informed him of her family’s decision he turned furious. The woman was only nineteen, he was twenty-four.

What’s more alarming is that when he had abused her, his friend was taking a video of the same which had gone viral on social media. The video clearly shows the man slamming her into the ground head-first. He then mercilessly kicks her with full force in the face and all over her body. The woman was seen lying unconscious for hours on the side of the road. Some of the local people found her and informed the police after which she was taken to the hospital.

A case was registered with the police.

In another, more recent case, another video has gone viral, in which a 16 year old girl was stabbed and then dragged by a much older man by her hair, after she refused to agree to marriage!

This is not to be tolerated any more!

So gone are the days when men were afraid to get caught after acting in anger and flee the place? Now knowing that he would be arrested they are ready to post videos online?

If posting an abusive video of a woman makes them feel they are physically the stronger gender, then no, they are mistaken.

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A woman’s willpower is even higher.

Dear Woman,

Please never restrain yourself with the thought that you belong to the ‘weaker gender’ and that when a man tries to hit you, you have no option you need to stay calm. If you are taught that way, then it is time to change.

It isn’t necessary to be trained in martial arts for self-defence. Take a step to strike back and save yourself. The first step indeed lies within yourself. It is the thought that “I am not any less than you. I am my own defender.” When that thought is strong inside you, then act immediately. You are equally strong. Even if you are just holding your handbag, use it as a defence tool or just grab mud from the ground and aim at his eyes. When the first strike back occurs from you let men realize you are no ordinary person to mess with, and that would drop his confidence level as well.

Being in a relationship before marriage never means women can be harmed physically. Physical abuse is not the way to mark the end of their relationship. Again the point to be emphasized is that when a woman says ‘No’ it only means ‘No’. The conversation ends there. It never holds any hidden meaning that she has given you the right to hurt her just because she uttered the word ‘No’.

Let the real meaning of the word ‘No’ keep spreading.

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