Dear Corona, Enough Of Increasing OCD In Us, Please Leave The World Soon!

Dear Corona,you have impacted many of our lives in unforeseen ways. You've intensified my OCD, and I'm worried about how this will end.My only request is, please, leave this world soon!

Dear Corona, you have impacted many of our lives in unforeseen ways. You’ve intensified my OCD, and I’m worried about how this will end.My only request is, please, leave this world soon!

The wedding of my cousin took place a few months ago. Despite a wide range of factors, Covid was one of the main reasons I was unable to attend her wedding. It was a simple get-together of a few close relatives and friends.

Among my all other cousins, she is very dear to me because I still remember holding her in my arms when she was born. When my uncle told me about her marriage, I was shocked to learn she was now a woman, and my heart is still is still debating to accept the reality.

Using the powerful online system, I ordered various gifts for her. I also ensured they were kept unopened for two complete weeks on the balcony, followed by another two weeks after opening the brown cover.

Then I informed my uncle that I would be coming to their house to wish the couple. We stay close by and I used to visit them any given time of the day. But now things have changed since the pandemic and getting an appointment has become a must.

Ah! Social Distancing, but inside the house?

I reached there with my mask still on my face. My uncle and aunt welcomed me with masks as well. That was an indication that I shouldn’t be removing mine.

I entered the living room and glanced for a while because I was not sure if I could sit and secondly, there was only one chair near the entrance. The sofa sets were divided and put out at the corners.

My uncle understood and gestured me to sit on the chair. It was covered with a table cloth. I was sure it was meant for visitors. They occupied the two-seater sofa in the corner. I was holding onto the gifts and kept them on my lap.

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Then the initial conversation of inquiring about the others in our family continued. My eyes automatically rolled to the right when I saw two men stepping down the stairs. They were also covered in masks. One of them sat on the sofa that was on my left and the other on the right.

“They were talking on the roof,” my aunt explained why their arrival was a bit late.I slightly nodded at both with a smile, but my smile wouldn’t have been seen, I could have just nodded. Sigh!!   

How do I know who the groom was?

I can’t keep turning my head left and right. And why is there another piece of luggage at home? 

I quickly tried to recall the groom’s face from the wedding video I had watched live almost two months back. My memory was so adamant this time that it failed to show me a clear picture of him. I kicked the investigative part of my brain to show me some indications.

No spectacles – Oh both aren’t wearing

Dress code – Both in tracksuits

Gesture – Casual look

My heart began racing a bit. Thankfully the mask had covered most of me and I was sure I wouldn’t be noticed. Then, looking at my aunt, I asked for my cousin. My aunt called her loud and within a minute she arrived from the bedroom. Though, her mask was hiding much of her makeup, she looked beautiful.

My newlywed cousin – help!

Usually, we greet each other with a warm hug and now I knew that was impossible. So she waved a big ‘Hi’ to me.

‘Come my darling, please sit next to your husband and save me’

Like the perfect meditation, my mind, body and soul travelled in a straight line and were focused only on her. To my dismay, she went to her father and sat on the sofa handle.

‘You too dear?’

My heart sank, and I guess my aunt thought I was feeling a bit tired.

“Would you like to have something?”

“Oh, no aunty I am fine.” I tried to smile widely.

“You should have a drink,” she insisted and pointed me to the table. It had milkshakes, soft drinks neatly arranged.Then I thought the only way to escape the situation was to escape from the house itself. Then I looked at my uncle and aunt (and my dear cousin), and began to recite what I had well prepared. 

My aunt and my cousin exchanged looks and walked to the wooden shelf. They took out a box and opened it. It had plenty of gloves. Clasping their hands in it, she gave one pair to the guy sitting on the right.

Now both the groom and my darling cousin walked up to me and received the gifts and handed it over to my aunt, who was readily waiting near the balcony. She then placed it on the table outside and locked the door. I could see there were many more on the table.

I pitied them. Finally, I am done with the project. I waved all a big bye-bye and walked towards the door. I stood at the gate and my uncle was telling me to text him once I reach home. By then, I took a sneak peek to see all of them washing their hands.

Dear Corona,leave us alone!

Dear Corona,you have impacted many of our lives in unforeseen ways. You’ve intensified my OCD  and I’m worried about how this will end.My and only request is, please, leave this world soon!

Dear Corona, you have affected so many parts of life, for so many people, that it stand as a pivotal point in history that fundamentally alters the way we live.

Picture Credits: Pixabay

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