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Coach Paul James Teaches Boxing To Young Girls For Free

Coach Paul James has been training children, most of them girls, for free. He says, he collects fees only from those who could afford it.

When a couple welcomes the firstborn kid into their family, along with the new life, a father and mother are also born. They merely don’t hold the positions only as husband and wife. Their journey of parenting starts right away.

It is evident that the fact, a child can achieve great heights with the encouragement and support provided by the parents, whatever field it may be.

Movies like Dangal enforce that with their father’s support, the girls can excel in wrestling, a sport not much encouraged for the female gender. It is a worthy note to view such incidents happening in real.

Coach Paul James has been training young girls for free

The Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board (TNUHDB) tenements witness enthusiastic girls excelling in boxing. Their coach Paul James has been training children, most of them girls,  for free. He says, he collects fees only from those who could afford it.

With more than 30 in strength, many have won state and school-level championships. Many have hailed him as the coach who nurtures the future Mary Koms and Mike Tysons of India!

One of the thirteen-year-old champions, Mahalakshmi’s father runs a small food shop and still supports his daughter’s dream of becoming a great boxer someday. Currently, she is preparing for the Khelo India selection.

Another teen’s mother says many discouraged her daughter from learning boxing. But she feels the sport makes her daughter more confident. Yes, it is true that in every nook and corner, there would be someone who would say:

This sport is not for girls,

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This job cannot be done by girls

This work is not secure for girls

Women are already breaking norms

Discouragement in some form always awaits when the person referred to is a woman. Sadly, the persons behind these accusations are yet to understand that women are already breaking the norms, and they are flying high in every field out there.

There aren’t any restrictions as to which sport needs to be learned by whom. Somehow gender discrimination creeps itself. The main point put forth is that some sports like boxing require physical strength and only men can achieve so.

Discouragement has ruined many dreams

It is an unproved myth that women are the weaker sex and aren’t capable of dealing with physical force. There are many Mary Koms in the country struggling to achieve their passion but are simply put down by discouragement.

Despite what the world says, when parents support their daughters, their dedication and passion, would result in achieving their goals.

Someday these girls would make India proud and all they require is only the support and encouragement from society. Let the struggle to end stereotypes be broken.

Image source: From Facebook page of Mylai Boxing Academy, edited on CanvaPro

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