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Honour Killing In UP By Her Brother; Is This Sibling Love?!

She was in love with a man whom her brother did not approve of. She stayed strong in her decision. Did that urge him to kill his own sister?

Trigger warning: This deals with violence against women, honour killing, gender based violence, and may be triggering for survivors.

A sibling bond is always considered to be special and everlasting because of the reason that they have shared the same womb. Even before they were born into this world, they had lived in the same place, though at different times.

When they are of different genders, then the emotional quotient comes into the picture. To the boy, his mother says, “Take care of your sister,” when the little one himself would only be five. From then on the protectiveness enters him to ensure no harm enters her way. At every possible instance, she keeps emphasizing this to him so as to make their bonding stronger. His mother as well gets relieved that as a brother he will stand for her always.

What if the reverse happens, the brother hurting his sister?

Honour killing: isn’t this taking it too far?

Two months back a case was reported in UP. He had a tiff with this sister and in a fit of rage strangled her dupatta and buried the body in their house. Fortunate or unfortunately, their parents had passed away five years ago.

The girl was twenty-two and seemed to be in a relationship with a person from their own village. Her brother had disapproved of their relationship. The neighbours had heard them fight over the issue for quite some time. As there was complete silence for some time the neighbours had their doubts and informed the police. Initially, he informed them that his sister had gone to her friend’s house. Suspecting him they investigated in detail and found that the floor in one of the rooms had been dug up. Later he confessed to the crime.

The reason for their argument was that she was in love with a man whom her brother did not approve of. They fought over the issue verbally. She stayed strong in her decision. Did that urge him to kill his own sister?

The point here is she did not take any drastic step of moving out of the house, then why should his anger reach the extreme step? At the same time, he could have approached the person whom his sister loved and could have confronted him. Why should all the resentment be dumped on the woman though she was his sibling?

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As her brother, he did have his share of rights to oppose her choice. It does not mean he can take her life.

Will women’s choices be ever respected in society? Till the answer reaches YES, our fight continues.

Image source: pixabay

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