Why Can’t Banks Approve Transpeople’s Loan Applications?

Support and guidance are what transpeople need. Special bank loans could give them a chance to better their lives and help others in the process.

“You have a pre-approved loan of 3.5 lakhs.”

“No fee credit card delivered in one click”

Nine out of ten who hold an account in a bank are likely to receive these text messages, and sometimes the same through a phone call. Even in banks where they do not hold an account, these messages are a common occurrence.

Does every one get these, or is there a restriction?

If loans were so easily approved, we would have many transgender entrepreneurs!

If the rule stays the same for all genders, then many entrepreneurs would have emerged by now from the Transgender community.

A piece of recent news that went viral was that three trans-women opened a food stall that runs overnight at Karnataka’s Udupi. Poorvi, Vaishnavi, and Chandana are three transgender women who used to seek alms in the streets of Udupi.

When they realized many tourists search for food stalls late in the night around the area, it sparked them to open one. They sell snacks and food items from 1 am to 7 am. The response has been welcoming, and it provides them hope for the future.

Everyone wants to live with dignity!

The trio informed that they wanted to live a dignified life. Isn’t that what every human want? But why is that made difficult when they are termed as the third gender?

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It is heart-warming to notice that, Karnataka’s first transgender who pursued MBA has invested in this food stall. It is appreciable!

Just because they discover their true identity, should they only be seeking for alms in the street?

Why should anyone ever beg on the streets?

Support and guidance are what they need. Special bank loans could give them a chance to better their lives and help others in the process. The best example is seen above.

There are a few banks that provide rainbow accounts. Loans can also be included. Maybe in the future?

This stirs up the incident that happened in 2018. Akkai Padmashali is the first transgender in Karnataka to register her marriage in the state. She had been trying for a home loan but was turned down by the banks. She mentioned that no solid reason was provided for rejecting the loans.

Loan applications get rejected without solid reason!

In one word, they meant she was not eligible for a loan. Needless to say, all this is because of her identity, and yes she is well aware of the same. She also raised online petitions for banks to sanction her loan.

The point is when she is capable of repaying the amount, then why is she not approved for the loan? She mentioned she deserved to live a dignified life and of course, all transgender people do deserve the same.

This is the only request that every one of them needs, but society doesn’t seem to understand their plight. Why?

Identity shouldn’t defy their capability!

Should a person’s identity defy their capability? Just for the sake of the world, do they have to hide inside a shell where they don’t belong so that they will be respected by others?

Discovering one’s true self is to live peacefully for the rest of their life. Not to be shunned away. The stereotype that they only should ask for alms needs to be broken.

Monetary support in any form, from banks, and financial sectors should reach them without hassle. Will this happen? The future in our hands holds the answer.

Image source: Still from FreeTheRoad Ad Campaign from Ralco Tyres, edited on CanvaPro

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