A Woman Auto Driver Who Began This Work For An Inspiring Reason

When my grandkids visit us, I give them money. Still, it comes from my husband’s pocket. What If I had earned that? That thought made me think.

After spending half a day in the hospital for my routine checkups, I sat down to sip hot coffee in the cafeteria. In the meantime, I also booked an auto rickshaw for heading back home. I was surprised to see a female name as the driver, Anu (name changed).

I have seen women riding autos, and always a sense of pride would engulf me. Now that I going to ride in one of them, it truly made me excited.

I stood out of the hospital looking around to locate the vehicle among many autos that were lined up.

“Madam! I am here!”

A lady in her fifties, with a neatly tucked in saree with a khaki shirt on top, waved at me. Her smile was confident, she was energetic. I wonder how she found me among all others standing outside.

After giving her the one-time passcode, she started the auto – it was going to be an hour long journey.

“Madam, you are coming from the hospital. You look tired. Don’t worry, I will drive slowly.” She said without turning back. That was a sweet gesture.

I smiled my thanks. As she initiated a little chat, I thought of having a conversation with her and to put forth the question which puzzled me.

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“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure Madam!”

“How and why did you choose this profession?”

She laughed loud.

“It is a long story. Let me try to finish by the time you get down Madam.”

All my senses woke with great interest. She continued.

“I was married at 18. My husband earned his living by riding an auto. He also owned three other autos. So the income was never a problem. We went around the city in our auto. Be it parks, beaches, hotels, and even hospitals. Our auto had become an integral part of our family. We raised our son and two daughters. They are also well-settled now.”

“When my son joined as a supervisor in a garment factory he was so excited about receiving his first salary. Every day he awaited that moment. I thought he would want to buy something for himself. To my surprise, he got me a saree. I was overwhelmed with joy. He said, ‘Ma, Dad would have gotten you many sarees. But this one will be special because it is from your son’s first-month salary.'”

“That time I felt something in me. When my grandkids visit us, I give them money. Still, it comes from my husband’s pocket. What If I had earned that? That thought made me think. I informed my husband that I shall start driving one of our own autos. He was stunned at first but encouraged my decision. My daughters felt this was unnecessary, but I stood for myself. After my first ride, the two hundred rupees I received were from my earning. I felt proud of myself for the first time in my life. Now am driving for the past five years. I spend on my friends and family. That joy is something different, and I truly enjoy it.”

“Wow, am so happy to hear. You’re indeed strong and an inspiration to others.” She blushed.

When we reached our destination, I paid her a little more. She did refuse but I insisted that she drove really well, and had ensured I was comfortable and that she deserves it.

Financial independence is always a priority for women. When we understand it, our future automatically turns safe and secure.

Image source: Six Sigma Films/ YouTube

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