22y.o. ‘Angry’ Man Sets A 19.y.o. Woman On Fire In TN: WHY This Entitlement?!

Just because they are married a husband isn’t entitled to be violent to his wife. Just because a man is "in love" with a woman, it doesn't give him a right to be violent.

Trigger Warning: This speaks of graphic details of violence against women and may be triggering for survivors.

Anger is a basic human emotion, just like happiness or being sad. One chooses his/her way of expressing that emotion. It is safe until that action stays within oneself.

What happens when that feeling is forced upon another? The former becomes the perpetrator, and the latter turns out to be the victim.

22 year old man set on fire a 19 year old woman

A 19-year-old young woman was set on fire by her male colleague in Tamil Nadu. They worked in a garment unit in the Tirupur district.

The news reports that an argument broke between them. In a fit of rage, the man aged 22 poured petrol on her and set her ablaze fleeing the spot. People passing by notified the police officials who then took her to the hospital. Since she suffered 90 percent of the burns she succumbed to the injuries.

While this is so horrifying to read, the state of her parents and family is unimaginable. The culprit has been nabbed and the legal procedures are in place. Does that end the case?

At the age of 19, she had to work, which does state the fact of her financial status, that she was shouldering the responsibility of taking care of her family. She had been staying in her relative’s house.

Women are not effigies to be burnt by angry men to showcase their anger!

Why does the victim always turn out to be a woman? The highest percentage of violence stands with the woman being hurt physically.

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In many of our movies, even recent ones, when the daughter says her husband slapped her, then her mother vouches for the man saying “it is their tendency to show their anger on us”, and continues to support that, further saying that the father had done the same to her.

Just because they are married a husband isn’t entitled to be violent to his wife. Just because a man is “in love” with a woman, it doesn’t give him a right to be violent.

Anger is one of the most dangerous of emotions. The loss that violence can lead to can be irreversible sometimes. It can’t be justified that men getting angry is common and is approved by the society, while it isn’t a good quality for women to show their anger.

Men (and boys) need to be taught that this is just not Ok!

When a girl child is born as the first in the family, she is regarded to be a blessing and believed the family would prosper financially.

While men need to be taught about the virtues of life, it is as well important to teach them how to view another woman with respect. Not just mothers or sisters. Every woman out there is to be respected as she is no different, and never to be considered a ‘lesser’ gender. She is also equal, and not someone you can vent your anger on. That women CANNOT be taken for granted.

In our country, rivers are named after women. Goddesses are worshiped in various forms in many states. In reality, a fight or an argument can end up taking a woman’s life. Where does the world head to?

Image source: YouTube/ The Hindu

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