I Don’t Need My In-laws To Come For My Medical Consultations

Three years into marriage, Rahul and Mrinalini were a happy-go couple coping well with the arranged marriage setup. The usual question of “when-a-baby” arose and created quite a stir in their routines, hence they decided to consult with a fertility clinic.

After the basic tests were done they were called in for consultation with the chief doctor. Out of the blue, Rahul’s mother, Rani volunteered to accompany them. Mrinalini was not comfortable with this arrangement.

“This is just our first appointment with the doctor. Why should your mother come with us? How can I be comfortable talking to the doctor in her presence?” Mrinalini tried convincing Rahul but in vain.

“Mro darling. You know mothers are always more knowledgeable than us and in this topic, they are far more experienced.”

“Rahul, please. It is not like I am walking into the labor room for your mother to come with me. And, even at that time, I would prefer my mother.”

After a bit of cajoling finally, the three reached the hospital. Rani was an understanding in-law of Mrinalini. But at times her words appeared like the needle calmly piercing a banana. Her submissive nature kept the relationship running.

“Actually there aren’t much of issues we need to be worried about. From her blood tests, her thyroid hormones seem to be on the higher side. I shall prescribe some medicines and she will be fine.” The doctor began writing while Rani intervened.

“Doctor, can she become pregnant?”

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That was point-blank. Mrinalini felt humiliated. Seeing her tensed the doctor replied, “Absolutely she is fine. Nothing to worry about, madam. You will soon see your grandchild.”

That night an enormous fight broke out between them. Mrinalini kept weeping. Rahul’s ignorance pained her more.

“Don’t you feel what your mother asked today was wrong? And yet, you never questioned her after reaching home. How can she point at me and ask such a question to a doctor? It seems as though I am incapable.”

“Why are you being a drama queen now? It is just that she asked out of anxiety.” Rahul clearly did not understand the pain Mrinalini was going through.

“Listen Rahul. Whether we take treatments or go to doctor’s appointments, it should only be the two of us. If you are unable to come, I am taking my mom with me.” Mrinalini made her stance clear. It is her battle and only she should decide her steps.

After three IUIs, the fourth turned out to be successful. Though Mrinalini did not have any morning sickness or uneasiness, Rani took care of the household work. Seeing his mother’s care, Rahul appointed a full-time caretaker to assist with the daily needs.

Rahul and Mrinlaini were getting ready every day to welcome their bundle of joy. The tentative delivery date given was in the first week of October. By the end of September Mrinlaini had already packed her essentials bag to be taken to the hospital and awaited the moment. That night she felt too much pain and immediately they rushed her to the hospital.

Though it was a false pain, the doctors informed her that she will be having a C-section due to the turned position of the baby. They had fixed the procedure on 29th September.

Rani met with the doctor.

“Doctor, can we have the procedure after 3 days?”

“Sorry, I don’t understand?”

“Anyways she will have a C-section. If it is done on the 2nd of October, then my grandchild’s birth will be very special. The entire nation will be celebrating.”

“Madam, certain things are to be done according to the situation, not as we wish. There are two lives at stake here. She will have a C-section tomorrow.”

Rahul casually informed Mrinalini about this. Though she was nervous expecting the most important moment in her life, Rani’s actions made her furious. Mrinalini was happy about the doctor’s decision and that she did not accept Rani’s request.

The next day Rahul and Mrinalini stood as proud parents to a beautiful baby girl.


This is based on a true incident. The phase of motherhood is completely owned by the woman. It is she who needs to decide what medical treatment she needs to undergo and who needs to stand with her. Her comfortable zone is something she gets to decide. Society must realize that she wants her own space and that not everyone can interfere. Any kind of consultation, not just pregnancy falls into the confidential space of a woman. She needs her privacy and that thought is to be respected.


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