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A ‘Fit India’, Yes. But What About These 6 Ways We’re Still Mentally & Emotionally ‘Unfit’?

Intolerance to anyone perceived as the 'other' is growing by the day in our country. Are we really a 'fit nation' in these terms, if our emotional and metal fitness is questionable?

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Activist Kamla Bhasin: Are WE Willing To Be The Change To Create A Less Misogynist Society?

'They' need to do something for reducing violence against women, but what about 'us'? What about the mindsets that perpetuate the covert rape culture that feeds into overt violence?

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A Step-By-Step Look At What Exactly Happened In The Unnao Rape Case. Will There Be Justice?
Unnao rape case

In April 2018, an 18 year old girl accused MLA Kuldeep Sengar of rape. Since then, her family has suffered a horrific series of mishaps, that have been alleged to be a conspiracy to destroy them.

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This Abuse Of Women Via The OTHER Inbox Enables Violence & A Culture Of Silence

"She must have asked for it" is a common statement made when women face abuse; worse when it happens online, isolating them by cutting off their online support too.

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May No Mother Ever Need To Go Through This Again…

But, nature did not. The wails and the cries of the grieving mothers affected her. A change started soon after that. All the houses started birthing boys henceforth.

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Why The #NotMyDeepika Tweets Are A Good Thing; Fans Of Others Celebrities, Please Take Notes!

Fans of Deepika Padukone are holding her accountable with the trending #NotMyDeepika over a rumour that she might be working with Luv Ranjan. Maybe men who run Bollywood should be held similarly accountable, for some real change?

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