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A Tryst With That Special Someone

Posted: June 24, 2019

Madhavi kept walking on the beach. The wind was blowing making her earrings tinkle. Her hair was a mess. There was sand in her nails but she couldn’t care less. The wet sand slightly sinking her feet each time she took a step kept making her smile. She finally felt happy and at peace. She looked at the ocean occasionally, her eyes filling with wonder at the thought of its expanse and strength. She loved twilight and today was no different. She kept soaking in every drop of happiness that touched her feet, kept breathing in every ounce of tranquillity that she could. The wind swept her hair across the face. She didn’t try to pull them back.

It seemed after a lot of trials, she was owning herself. With each step that she took, she got more sure of herself. The trip was a good decision to get to know and form a bond. After all, without understanding and respect, no relationship can work! It was dark by the time she turned to head back to the shack which was her final destination of a 7 days long trip with someone special. On arriving back to the shack, she packed her stuff and sat on the beach with the person she had recently fallen in love with. The water kept tingling her feet as the waves gently nudged her to play. There was peace, there was happiness and there was love. She saw the stars, she saw the moon, she saw it making its way from one end to the other and then she saw the sunrise. A new day, a new beginning – was all she could think of, feeling thankful for giving love a chance.

Two days later in Mumbai, she stepped out of her 1BHK apartment, got into a cab and reached her office. During the coffee break, a colleague asked her with a smirk if her trip was with someone special. Madhavi took a sip of the coffee and nodded her head in affirmation before smiling and walking back to her cabin. After many years and long sleepless nights of feeling empty, she had finally met and fallen in love. With herself.

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