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I Watched The Series Finale Of Modern Family And This Is Why I Will Miss The Show!

Posted: April 13, 2020

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Watching the series finale of the mockumentary series Modern Family was tough on me. But the extension of the lockdown means, I might binge-watch it again!

On April 10th, I saw the last episode of the series Modern Family. I believe the episode was aired on April 8th. But something kept me from watching it. Watching it would mean there would be no other new episode of the series to watch.

There would be no more of Alex rolling her eyes at her family or Haley and her blissful ignorance, Luke with his hilarious moments of dumbness. And none of Phil’s goof-ups and Claire’s hyperactivity. It would mean no more drama from Mitch and Cam’s life peppered with witty one-liners from Lily. And no sassy moments from Gloria, none of Joe’s cute but quick-witted quips, none of Jay’s trying to be strong-but-mush-inside moments, and none of Manny’s man-like moments.

I began watching it and loved it!

I stumbled upon Modern Family when it was on its second season. And since the first day and the first episode I watched, it has made me feel a range of emotions. It has made me laugh, cry and even shown me things their way. The last episode, simply titled, ‘Finale’ had more than three occasions where I teared up and wanted to give them all a hug.

When you watch a series like Modern Family, you become a part of the family and get to know the people like your own. Over a span of eleven seasons, it has done a great job of bringing laughter in our homes.

A goodbye is tough but you’re always a part of the family

The series also manages to touch upon important issues like acceptance of homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, and even adoption, in a funny yet sensitive manner. You learn to embrace differences and the different forms of love. Throughout the eleven seasons, the range of issues they have tackled is wonderful and the audience’s acceptance of it is proof of that.  Simply put, it shows you what it means to be a part of the family.

While I won’t give out spoilers here, all I’d say is, keep tissues handy and be prepared to say one of the hardest goodbyes of your life.

However, with the news of extension of the nationwide lockdown, it also means you can binge on the entire series all over again!

Picture credits: Still from the trailer of the 10th season of the series

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