New Movie Stree Is A Perfect Blend Of Horror And Comedy With A Strong Message

Hindi movie Stree, released recently, is a reminder for society to treat women well, else consequences are severe writes author Riti.

Hindi movie Stree, released recently, is a reminder for society to treat women well, else consequences are severe writes author Riti.

I have a few friends in life who do exactly the opposite of what I tell them to do. If I say, “leave me alone”, they’ll be like “oh yeah let’s go party” or if I tell them that it is not possible, then they’ll send a WhatsApp message saying “tickets are booked”.

Such people are necessary in life – to live, to laugh and to let hair down and just enjoy. Recently it was one such days when I watched the Hindi movie Stree.

The movie is hilarious. If there is anything called excessive laughter syndrome, then this movie gives you one. It is also a unique combination of horror with crisp one liners, goosebumps and a set of useless yet lovable friends. The friends aspect is the one which I personally enjoyed the most. Watching the same with my mad and crazy friend, I could easily relate to a lot of dialogues and instances.

Rajkumar Rao needs no introduction as an actor. His character of a love struck, dope smile guy who loses all his intelligence where his love interest is concerned is adorable and funny. His friends, played by Aparshakti Khurana and Abhishek Banerjee are equally hilarious and an absolute delight. So much so, you wait for their screen time and when they do come, rest assured, they aren’t a disappointment. Pankaj Tripathi is a seasoned actor and does justice to his part as the owner of a book store who is also fond of a few pegs.

My only disappointment was, watching Vijay Raaz for such a short while. Really wanted to watch him for a longer period because, well, he is an exceptional actor with an excellent sense of comic timing. Whereas Shraddha Kapoor is tolerable in the movie because the movie doesn’t depend on her, and the entertainment quotient of the movie is bigger than her acting prowess.

This movie is very funny, has an excellent set of characters and a strong storyline. What it also does is, it addresses a few social evils, giving out a loud and clear message that if we don’t respect women, the injustices done towards them would come to haunt mankind. That, apart from the laughs, is also a major takeaway.

The movie has highlighted issues like looking at a woman for the person that she is and not just limiting her identity to her body. Also understanding and respecting her life choices and her rights, which are missing in our society, most importantly because of people’s mentality.

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People’s unnecessary interference in a woman’s life is subtly but surely addressed and condemned. I loved a particular scene where Pankaj Tripathi gently tells a character in the movie that some people’s mother’s are teachers, tailors etc and it’s okay to have a mother who was a prostitute.

All said and done, Stree is the perfect short, funny and happy distraction that you need from your life. It tickles you and just makes you happy. It’s a perfect watch with a strong message without an ounce of preaching.

It’s the treatment of the subject that matters; it’s the intention that matters, and this movie just won my happy heart.

Image source: a still from the movie Stree

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