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Thrills, Crime, Action, Passion, Dark Humour: 10 American Series That Have It All

Posted: April 15, 2020

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Staying home all the time can really get to you, and what with the extension of the lockdown, I’m sure you’d love these American series.

The Keepers

This is a series based on real life events. It would send chills down your spine and you would feel absolutely appalled by the hand in glove friendship that is shown in this docu-series between the Church and the State.

How men in influential positions in the Church get away with sexually assaulting more than 100 girls (who complained as women) would leave you perplexed and angry.


Unbelievable is a limited American series based on real life events. How it sensitively shows the incapability of the system to be sensitive towards rape victims is devastating, to say the least. How people in powerful and in positions of authority can misuse their power based on their own biases, is depicted in a very crisp manner.

Narcos: Mexico

I don’t think I need to give any introduction to this series. All I can say is, the latest season (Narcos: Mexico) is as good as the first season.

Based on true events, it would pop your eyes wide open when you ‘see’ the amount of dirty money these drug cartels floated in. So, go cabaron! Go and watch it!

Dirty John

Dirty John is again, based on true events. Starring Eric Bana in the sleazy role of a con man conning a rich woman, is quite a shift from his good-man image that I had in my mind.

The series is engaging, not too dark, the story line gripping and is not at all gloomy.


Now now now. I might be biased but, I am completely blown away by the character Raymond Reddington played by James Spader. What a performance, what a carefully carved character, what amazing subtle humour.

I love the series and have been an ardent fan as well as follower of this American series since the past 6 years. In short, it has an interesting storyline woven around FBI, a blacklist of criminals and an international fugitive.

Queen of the South

I am not at all ashamed to admit I have a girl crush on the lead, Alice Braga.

Anyhow, Queen of the South revolves around the world of drug cartels and how a woman who had no plans to enter the world of cocaine finds herself fighting for survival and in the process becomes a feared drug lord herself. Its a good catchy upbeat series. The perfect combination of crime and a good storyline.


Those of you who like subtle dark intelligent ruthless humour, would love this American series.

House is not just a series. This series would grow onto you and you would love every bit of the guy that House is. You would also hate him but you’d hate him to the extent of falling in love with him. The series revolves around the life of a brilliant doctor, House. There is an element of crime, detective activities and superb sarcastic humour.


Absentia is a series focussing on an FBI agent who suddenly reappears 6 years after having disappeared while hunting a serial killer. She has no memory, no idea of where she has been, what she had been upto and to add to the misery, finds her world completely changed. It’s her story, her fight to get to the truth, no matter how hard and bitter that might be.


McMafia is an American crime thriller involving a Russian family with a very colourful past. How a young man, who has considered himself a good American all his life finds himself fighting for his life in Moscow, is a story you have got to watch.

The metamorphosis of the young man into a cool headed criminal mastermind is somewhat similar to The Godfather’s Michael. Good strong storyline and nail biting moments make this series a must watch.

Grey’s Anatomy

Now, this is one quintessentially American series that I hope would never end. Every episode is unique and so humane. I love the series for it’s inclusivity, its sensitivity and humane treatment of all the aspects of life. Be it love, passion, career, LGBTQ rights, rape, equality, marriage, relationships, friendship, it has got it all covered.

If you are feeling low and desperate in these lockdown times, watch ANY episode of Grey’s and you would feel much much better. Trust me on this one.

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