For The Rape Hasn’t Happened With Anyone We Know

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Every day, the news speak of violence against girls, women, babies… how much do we really empathise with them, secure in our own lives?

As we sleep tonight

For the rape hasn’t happened with anyone we know.

As we kiss our daughters good night

For they are safe and with us

As we smile today

For our children are peacefully tucked in their beds

As we plan a tomorrow for our little ones

For its not engulfed in darkness and pain

We must not forget

There are families

That can’t sleep,

Can’t kiss their daughters goodnight,

Can’t smile with them,

Can’t see their children growing up…

Let’s not forget them

Let’s put an end to it

Let’s break the silence

Unite and demand justice.

Published here earlier.

Image source: By Pulakit Singh [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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