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child sexual abuse
A 15y.o. Trafficked And Sexually Abused… How Do I Make Sure She’ll Be Safe?

Asmina narrates the story, again – about her boyfriend, and her mother. I am assuming that she thinks the narrative about their love to be better, even when that’s admission to rape.

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The Story Of A Little Girl To A Fiery Woman Through The Fires Of Child Sexual Abuse

I have now decided that you will never choose who touches me anymore, everything will now require MY consent. Maybe then my sleepless nights will end.

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Because We Are Girls: 3 Sisters Fight Back After A Shared History Of Childhood Sexual Abuse In A Joint Family…
Because We Are Girls

In Because We Are Girls, one of the sisters, Kira, says, “I was a child!” One can hear how even as an adult how she still yearns for her parents to have taken her seriously, and taken a stand for her and her sisters.

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Stop Child Pornography: Enough Is Enough!

Much worse is the horrid and shocking content that is being uploaded nowadays; the demand for sadistic content is also on a rise.

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11 Ways We Can Try To Create Safe Spaces At Home & School To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse!

Unfortunate that it may seem, homes as well as schools, where kids are supposed to be safe, can be the least safe of spaces, and no one should be exempt from caution, no matter who they are.

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I Was Just 7, Scared That My Parents Would Think It Was MY Fault, And The Memory Of It Still Haunts Me…

I realized that this was wrong, that what my uncle was doing to me was not right. The term sexual abuse still hadn't entered my mind. I started feeling ashamed and scared.

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