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child sexual abuse
Remember, It Is Not Your Fault; It Is NEVER Your Fault

Shivani’s trickle of tears turned into a flood as she buried her face in her mother’s bosom. For a few minutes, the silence in the room was punctuated with Shivani’s sobs.

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Alleged Child Rapist Gets Bail Coz He Was Caught Only ‘In Stage Of Preparation Of Rape’!?

Why are men so often let off the hook in sexual assault and rape cases, even by the courts who can actually effect a change, and even in the face of evidence?

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I Really Hope No Child Has To Go Through Something Like This…

There is no woman in this world who hasn't been sexually harassed, but to think that someone would do this to a child is grotesque!

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The Real, Ugly Reason For The Cultural Requirement Of A (Sometimes Much) Younger Wife
younger woman

The roots of male pedophilia run deep in our culture, are sanctioned and normalized by it; a 'couple' needs to be an older man and a younger woman as wife.

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Dear Daughter, You Never Have To Give A Reason For Your Discomfort With Someone

Starting early, teach your child that they never have to feel bad about disliking any adult or being uncomfortable around them. 

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Shown As A Schoolgirl’s ‘Desire’ For A Middle Aged Man, This Vairamuthu Song Is Slyly Pedophilic

A new song by Vairamuthu has a teenager paired with a middle aged man, and is being called out for blatant paedophilia.

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