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child sexual abuse
Ponmagal Vadhal
Ponmagal Vandhal Proves That Child Sexual Abuse Is Ubiquitous; Survivors Or Abusers Are Not Obvious

Jyothika's movie Ponmagal Vandhal is enough proof that kids are being sexually harassed everywhere. It's up to us to be careful.

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There Would Be Scary Nights, But There Would Also Be The Beautiful Mornings That Follow

Why that is the attacker always gets the benefit of doubt but not the victim? I will not call myself a survivor because I haven’t survived it, yet...

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An Act Of Affection, When Does A Kiss Become Something To Fear?

6th July was International Kissing Day, but is a kiss everything it is made out to be? When does a kiss become something that inflicts trauma?

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I Was 7. How Can You Ask Me ‘Why Didn’t You Report It Immediately’?

I was seven. I had no idea about clothes, except knowing that we wear a uniform to school.

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Jyotika’s Pon Magal Vandhal Asks Hard Questions About How Our Justice System Fails Rape Survivors
Pon Magal Vandhal Jyotika

Pon Magal Vandhal, a courtroom drama starring Jyotika, takes up the important issue of child sexual abuse and points out that the law needs to evolve to address the needs of survivors. With the threat of COVID looming, theatres are unlikely to open soon. Many movies have thus chosen to release directly on OTT platforms. The […]

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Sexually Abused By My Father’s Best Friend For Years, Silenced By My Family… But I Fought To Heal

My father's best friend took advantage of this relationship and sexually abused me for years before I spoke up, only to be silenced. But I've now found healing by fighting back as an adult.

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