She Was The Shining Star!

An evocative poem about finding the light within! Read on.

An evocative poem about finding the light within! Read on.

Chasing her dream,
She stumbled on.
Trying to peek in the future
She skipped on.
Happy to be there,
She breathed life,
Meeting ghosts
As she moved on.
Some that stopped her,
Some that made her forget the path,
Some who enchanted her with their smiles,
While some tried to sway her with their promises.
She waited at each step,
She tried to find the truth in all the ghosts,
With every dismay,
With every heartache,
With every scar,
She swore to keep moving.
She skipped even then,
For her spirit knew,
She would reach
Where she wanted to!
So what its beyond the clouds,
So what its hidden from sight,
She knew in her heart,
Her soul knew she would.
She wanted to hold the star she saw,
She wanted to hold the light she awed,
Little did she realize-
She was the star she saw twinkling,
The universe smiled as it saw her skipping on,
For it saw a star happily strutting by,
Trying desperately to find,
The source of light,
Oblivious to the truth-
That it came from her own twinkle!

Image Source: Pexels

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