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We, The People Of India, Beg To Differ!

Posted: May 11, 2018

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We, the people of India, have a rich culture to fall back on, but have distorted everything to an extent where we need to rise up and fight against it.

When someone says the country has gone to dogs and what has it ever given any of us,

I beg to differ.

I beg to differ for it has nurtured a lot many of us into human beings.

It has made us realise the importance of democracy so that when it gets threatened by some of us,

The rest can stand up and question the change

I beg to differ for it has shown us that the land of diversities can exist

So that when some of us try and take that element away,

The rest can stop them and fight back.

I beg to differ for it gave many of us the opportunity to attend a mass, eat sevaiyya and light diyas all in the same street

So that when some of us try to stop this or take away that taste or try to blow the diyas off,

Rest of us can hold hands, unite and say NO

I beg to differ for when we read our glorious history,

When we learn about our own country’s magnificent past,

It makes us better people, makes us understand our own selves better

So that when some of us try and to distort it, the rest can put across the facts and once again highlight the truth.

I beg to differ for it has introduced us to the concepts of justice, liberty and equality

So when some of us try to threaten these basics of our land,

The others can remember our preamble, our constitution and stop the threat

I beg to differ for this land, its secularism, this democracy has taught us to think and be beyond our religion, region and race

So when some of us try and divide this land and us on the basis of these,

The rest can smile and be what this country helps us in becoming: human beings with humanity.

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Image source: By Al Jazeera English (Election rally) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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