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Meeting Her Person

Posted: October 31, 2019

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Her plane was about to land. She quickly took out her hairbrush and combed her hair into a neat but stylish high knot. She had to look ravishing as she stepped out of the airport because she knew her whole look would be scrutinised and she wanted to look her best.

Ripped jeans, fitted black fiercely-opinionated-quotation-tee and sneakers was her trademark look. But how she was feeling as a person, mattered the most. The person coming to pick her up would see through the deceptions and would want her to be the bubbly charming self that she usually is.

She picked up her luggage, adjusted her denims by pulling them up a bit (she hated wearing belts ) and took out her favourite pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

Stepping out of the exit, she saw the person who came to receive her looking at her with a smile. To her relief, the person had a satisfied smile on their face.

“Mission accomplished”, she thought happily and hugged the person. Her person.

“Missed you Ma” she said as they both made their way to the waiting car.

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